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Tip: Get Updates From Your Favorite Blogs With RSS in Outlook 2010


Wichita Computer Support Tip for May 11th, 2011 RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.  What it means is less important that what it can do for you.  Using the simple RSS reader in Office, you can receive updates from your favorite … Continue reading

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IT Companies in Wichita – How are We Different?


At an event last week I was discussing the IT industry and Proper Technology Solutions.  The person I was with asked a valid question:  What makes you different from other IT Consulting Services? I started listing things and decided I … Continue reading

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Tip: Using QuickParts (AutoText) In Word 2010 – Wichita IT Support


Wichita IT Support Tip for May 9th, 2011 Using QuickParts in Word 2010 Is there something you type over and over again in Microsoft Word.  Just like your signature in Microsoft Outlook, you can automate some of your repetitive wording … Continue reading

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Tip: Read it Out Loud With Adobe Reader – IT Support Wichita


Running short on time to read those important documents?  To keep current as an IT support professional I end to have to read a large number of books and white papers about current technologies.  The time involved sometimes gets in … Continue reading

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Tip: Use The Search Bar in Windows 7


Wichita IT Support Tip for May 4th, 2011 Today’s tip is all about a little time-saving feature in Windows 7 that I don’t see enough people using, myself included.   How many applications are installed on your laptop or workstation?  Does … Continue reading

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Tip: Customize a Template in Publisher – Wichita Computer Support


Most of our advertising material at Proper Technology Solutions is created in Microsoft Publisher 2010.  As a small IT support company in Wichita, we try to produce as much value from our software investments as possible, and one of our … Continue reading

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Wichita IT Support – Stop By for Free Training


Let’s face it, some of the calls people make to their IT support company involve situations where a little technical knowledge could go a long way to let them resolve their own issues.  Application support is one of those situations.  … Continue reading

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Tip: Wichita IT Support – What is Search Engine Optimization?


SEO.  You have probably seen the letters before, most likely in the glut of emails you may receive from companies offering to rocket your website into the top of the search engine rankings overnight.  Though those companies are talking about … Continue reading

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Online Backup Services – Protect Your Data


Let’s face it.  The days of magnetic tape are gone or are fast going over the horizon.  Tape backups and the procedures required are prone to human and mechanical error.  The administrator may forget to change the backup tapes nightly, … Continue reading

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Tip: Windows 7 Support – Pin It, Unpin It!


Today’s tip from IT support helps you keep your most needed applications right where you need them, without cluttering up the desktop with a sea of icons (guilty). If you’re running Windows 7 (if not, call us about  moving!), the … Continue reading

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