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Tip: Catching Up on Your Mail. Outlook 2010 Filter E-Mail Feature


For more information about computer repair and support in Wichita KS, visit our homepage at Proper Technology Solutions. Wichita IT Support Tip for May 4th, 2011 (May the 4th be with you.) If you’re like me, you get a lot … Continue reading

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Tip: Quick Steps – Training Outlook 2010 – Wichita Computer Support


Wichita IT Support Tip for May 19th, 2011 Today’s IT support tip is another quick and easy timesaver in Microsoft Outlook 2011.  Do you perform repetitive tasks in Outlook?  I do.  I often forward messages from my work account to … Continue reading

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Tip: Get Updates From Your Favorite Blogs With RSS in Outlook 2010


Wichita Computer Support Tip for May 11th, 2011 RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.  What it means is less important that what it can do for you.  Using the simple RSS reader in Office, you can receive updates from your favorite … Continue reading

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Tip: Click Here to Download Pictures? Training Outlook 2010


Have you ever seen this message in an email? Notice the red ‘x’ where the picture should be?  This actually serves as a distraction from the actual issue.  Look at the very top line.  Click here to download pictures… Outlook … Continue reading

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