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IT Support

Wichita IT Support – Back to the Blogging – Martial Arts and More!


For information about our Wichita Computer Repair and Virus Removal Services, visit the homepage at Proper Technology Solutions.

The Long Hiatus

Ok, so it’s been a long time since I’ve posted a blog entry, and I’d like to thank our wonderful friends and clients for that!  You’ve been keeping us so busy, we’ve had to put marketing, blogging and business development on the back burner.

I thought I’d write an update on what’s been going on and some projects we’ve been working on.

Project – Martial Arts Website (GMT MMA)

So, long story made short, I’m helping out a great group of guys by building a website in the hopes of increasing their business.  I was turned off years ago by martial arts training that was, shall we say, less than exciting.  Fast-forward to now and I have a son that needs to learn to defend himself, or at least have the confidence to stand up for himself.

A friend recommended GMT MMA on South Meridian for Wichita Martial Arts Training. (The site isn’t completely done, so bear with us!)

They train Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Judo and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.  Within just a few weeks, my son is building the confidence and the skills he needs to counter some issues he is having at school.

This will be another good case study for ranking.  I think the owner will be surprised by the calls once we hit the front page for ‘martial arts wichita’ and ‘mma wichita’.

Back to work!  Hopefully I’ll be back on the blogging circuit and have more for you in the next few days.



IT Support

Wichita IT Support – Celebrating 3 Years and Looking Forward


For information about our Derby Computer Repair and Virus Repair Services, visit the homepage at Proper Technology Solutions.

Celebrating 3 Years of Wichita Computer Repair!

Next week marks our 3rd anniversary of providing computer repair and IT support services to individuals and businesses in the Wichita metro area.  We’d like to thank all of our loyal customers, including those who have spread the word about our services to help us grow!  We appreciate your trust and your referrals.

Since our inception early in 2011, we’ve made it our mission to provide professional IT support for Wichita clients with our own personal service.  If you didn’t already know, that’s what ‘Proper’ means; Professional and Personal!

We are looking forward to continued growth in 2014!

If you’re looking for IT support or computer repair in Wichita and surrounding areas, give us a call at our College Hill office at (316) 337-5628.  Whether you’re looking to compare costs with your current IT support provider or are contemplating outsourcing your company IT department, we’re here and ready to help.  We pledge to never sell our clients more technology than they need or services that won’t benefit the organization.  In fact, we’ve managed to simplify the IT solutions of a number of clients, without affecting their efficiency, simply lowering their costs.


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Wichita IT Support – Look For Depth of Experience


For information about our Derby Computer Repair and Virus Repair Services, visit the homepage at Proper Technology Solutions.

Looking for a New IT Provider?

Here are some things to look for on your journey.

Depth of IT Support Experience

Face it, sometimes small businesses aren’t running the cutting edge equipment.  Our techs understand that, and are ready.  With experience back to the old days of DOS in the early to mid 1980′s, our computer repair technicians have experience with every system and Operating System environment along the route.  Last week, we went onsite to an emergency at a new client.  Their SonicWALL router was completely dead, bringing their IT system to its knees.  The SonicWALL in question was over 10 years old, tied to a server of equal age.  Not only did we have the required replacement part on hand for the old router, we were able to resolve issues on the server (NT4 Server) that techs with less depth of IT support experience wouldn’t have been able to manage.  We’ve been there and have long memories (just like elephants!)

Understanding of Small Business IT Support

There’s ‘best practices’ and there is reality.  In reality, most small businesses can’t afford best practices, full disaster recovery and other ideal support or infrastructure.  As Wichita small business IT support specialists, it’s our job to get you as close to ‘best practices’ are possible within your IT support budget, and to tell you where you fall short.  Our certified IT technicians and computer repair specialists will customize support and infrastructure to meet your needs, balancing the ‘best practices’ with your budget.

Locally Owned, Wichita-Based

We are a 100% locally owned small business, providing IT support for our neighbors and other small businesses.  When possible, we try to keep local resources local, purchasing from local vendors and suppliers, even to the point of helping to build and assist in the development of an up and coming Wichita-based router manufacturer (more about this to come!)

In short, we understand the Wichita marketplace and try to treat every customer as a friend and neighbor.  We’ll never sell you more than you need, and work with you every way possible to make sure your IT systems work FOR your business.


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Wichita Computer Repair – Thank You for Your Support


For information about our Derby Computer Repair and Virus Repair Services, visit the homepage at Proper Technology Solutions.


Wichita IT Support Services? – We’ve Got You Covered

As we start the final quarter of our third year as a Wichita computer repair and IT support firm, we’d like to thank the loyal customers that make it possible.  We take pride in the fact that you entrust your business computers and networks to our techs, and we strive to never let you down.

Whether we are providing simply break/fix support or ongoing daily maintenance, every customer counts, whether we are supporting one computer or fifty.  We know that business, especially local small businesses, rely on their technology to organize and implement their business and our goal is to provide reliable, cost-effective service with business impact in mind.

If you want an IT support company that provides for your needs, give us a call at (316) 337-5628.  We never mind if you’re just calling to compare numbers and services!  We shop around, and expect our and potential customers to do the same, especially with something as important as computer and network maintenance.  I’ll wrap this thank you up with a brief list of just some of the services we most commonly provide to Wichita and Derby KS area small businesses, but the bottom line is, if you need it, we can provide it.

Wichita KS IT Support Services (Wichita, Derby and surrounding areas)

  • Remote monitoring of servers and workstations – Allows us to proactively maintain computers and servers, eliminating costly downtime for area businesses.
  • Online backup services – By partnering with a locally-based online backup provider (based in Derby), we can provide for large restores on a same-day basis in the event of a disaster.  We’ve chosen this over national providers to eliminate long delays in large restore jobs.  (ex. if it takes 2 weeks to do the initial backup, a full restore will take just as long or longer!)
  • Network design and implementation – We can design and build a network for your business, be it one location or dozens.  Our computer techs are certified in multiple networking technologies, and can recommend and design the most efficient and cost-effective solution.
  • Virus repair – We have experience removing even the most stubborn virus and malware infections.
  • Hardware – Through our partnerships with Dell and other vendors, we can recommend and acquire standard or custom hardware for your home and business.
  • Software – We can recommend and purchase software solutions from numerous vendors, or just make a recommendation based on your needs.
  • Training – 1 to 1 or group training is available.  We can help with transitions to new applications.
  • Search Engine Optimization – How does a less than 3-year-old company rank as number 1 in Google for ‘IT Support Wichita’?  SEO.  With our ethical and natural SEO techniques, we can get you better rankings that will last.

Wichita technology support has never been easier.  We are a small business designed for small business.  What’s important to you is important to us, it’s as simple as that.




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Wichita Computer Repair – Saving Money on IT Services


For information about our Derby Computer Repair and Virus Repair Services, visit the homepage at Proper Technology Solutions.

So You Want to Cut Back on IT Spending?

Here’s some tips and tricks to get the most out of your IT dollars.  Here’s our top 3!

  1. Reboot it - Always reboot your computer before calling IT support.  It’s one of the first things we’ll ask you!  This can sometimes take 5-6 minutes depending on your machines.
  2. Unplug it – If you are having problem with a USB device, unplug it from the computer and plug it back in.  Sometimes this will resolve the issue.
  3. Do it - If you have one IT task that is done all the time (reset passwords!), see if your IT company is willing to document the process and train someone onsite to do it without involving IT support.

If you are looking for enterprise level commercial or residential IT support and computer repair in Wichita, Derby and surrounding areas, give us a call at (316) 337-5628.  Our certified technicians can assist with anything from simple virus removal to complex design and implementation of multi-location networks.



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Wichita Computer Repair – Looking for 5 Local Businesses for SEO Project


For information about our Derby Computer Repair and Virus Repair Services, visit the homepage at Proper Technology Solutions.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  In short, optimizing your website for best exposure in online searches.  For small business owners, that means more traffic and more sales.

We are an IT consulting and computer repair firm based in Wichita, KS and our goal is to help local small businesses succeed through effective and affordable IT solutions.  Part of that process is through using technology to increase exposure.

Pilot SEO Project for Wichita and Derby Area Businesses

We’ve had a lot of success over the years optimizing websites for search engines.  Though our first project was our own ( ranks #1 for ‘IT Support Wichita’), we also had resounding success with our initial client project for The Travel Junkie, LLC, increasing his results for the search term ‘Travel Agent Wichita’ from #53 in Google to #1 in less than three months.  The owner that bookings received as a direct result of Internet searches are through the roof.

Our SEO expert has been performing SEO personally for over 15 years and is just now starting to make plans to sell the service here in Wichita and surrounding areas.  No tricks, no deception, just honest optimization that will allow websites to achieve natural rankings and stay there, with less movement as the engines change their rankings to avoid deceptive SEO companies.

Special Offer

With that in mind, here’s the offer.  We are looking for 5 businesses in the area that want to try the service and achieve the movement we’ve experienced for a special rate.  We’re thinking of it as a 90-day challenge.  Just commit to three months at the special price of $60/month and we will do everything possible to increase your rankings.  The rub is that there are no guarantees about what position you will achieve in this time period, just that you will see movement in the 3-5 search terms that we determine are the best for your business exposure.

Our expected start date for the challenge is September 1st, and there is limited space in this pilot project, so give us a call today at (316) 337-5628.


First, you need to own your own website.  By that we mean you have to have access to the ‘back-end’ of the website, where we can make changes to the actual pages.  We also ask that you commit to following the instructions we give.  One of these is that we will likely ask you to start writing content for a blog if you don’t already have one!  Just 300-500 words a week can make a big difference.  We’ll just make sure that those words count.

If you’re looking for Enterprise-Level computer repair and maintenance in Wichita, Derby and surrounding areas in Kansas, give us a call.  We have history in IT going back practically to the dawn of personal computers and can support just about any need from simple software installation and maintenance to advanced network design and implementation.

We founded our firm on the concept that small businesses need to have professional support from a company that understands their budgetary concerns.  We’ll never try to sell you on more than you need to keep your business effective and efficient.



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Derby Wichita Computer Repair – Now Offering Flat Rate Services


For information about our Derby Computer Repair and Virus Repair Services, visit the homepage at Proper Technology Solutions.

Full Service Network Maintenance and Repair

Due to customer demand, we are moving into full managed services options!

An MSP (Managed Services Provider) provides total network service and support at a monthly contract price.  For the accountant-types out there, this means that you can have a fixed monthly budget item for IT-related expenses based on the number of devices on your network.

Managed Services Offerings

Our managed services packages are perfect for small to medium businesses.  We want to be able to provide our Wichita and Derby KS customers with top of the line support at a price that doesn’t hurt the bottom line.  Here’s what is generally covered (though we customize packages to fit your needs):

Online Backup Service – Remote encrypted backup through a local provider (Meaning we can restore your entire backup the same day)

Spam Filtering - In most cases, blocks 50-75% of your incoming mail with few false-positives

Remote proactive maintenance and monitoring - We know when your server is down before you will in most cases and can predict and avoid downtime

Automatic malware/spyware scanning - Top of the line malware scanning done without user intervention

Phone/Onsite/Remote troubleshooting - Whichever works best for the situation.  Most issues can be resolved remotely, allowing you to get back to business faster

Remote access for users - Your users can work from home by accessing their own desktops remotely

Network Documentation - We document your network to provide more efficient service and give you the documentation in the event you move to another provider

If you own or manage a business in Wichita, Derby or surrounding areas and are interested in a quote, please call us at (316) 337-5628.  We’ll be happy to discuss your options and how we can help provide you with Professional Support and Personal Service – that’s PROPER!



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Computer Repair Wichita – Laptop Tune Up Day!


For information about our Derby Computer Repair and Virus Repair Services, visit the homepage at Proper Technology Solutions.


Virus Repair and Optimization – Laptop Day!


Proper Technology Solutions will be hosting their first Laptop Day event August 1st from 8am to 8pm.  What does that mean?

Our Wichita and Derby computer repair team will be taking in laptops all day during the event and performing a host of services, all for one low cost ($40/$35 pre-registered on the Facebook Event Page).

The computer repair technicians will be running high-level scanners to detect and remove virus installations, malware, spyware and optimizing the laptops for performance.  While this usually takes an hour or more, we are offering the special rate as a volume special.  Most of the repair time is waiting time, so our repair technician can be setting up the next machine while waiting for yours!

Bring your laptop (and power cord) to our building at 4601 E Douglas Ave in Wichita any time between 8am and 8pm.  We’ll take your information and call you when the machine is done.  Laptops dropped off after 5pm might not be ready until the next morning!  It all depends on how much work needs to be done and what time they arrive.

If you want to spread the word, either invite your friends to the FB event page listed above, or display this flyer at your office!

We’re offering this great deal as a thanks to all of our customers who have made us successful over the years. Whether you live in Wichita, Derby, Goddard or Mulvane, stop on by.  We strive to live up to our name:  Professional Support, Personal service, that’s Proper!




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Derby Computer Repair – SEO Case Study Part 2


For information about our Derby Computer Repair and Virus Repair Services, visit the homepage at Proper Technology Solutions.

Derby KS – Search Engine Optimization Case Study Part 2

As we’ve discussed, we’ve decided to expand our business operations to Derby, KS and are trying to make some movement in the search engine terms, allowing customers to more easily find us.  I baselined our performance in my previous post, Computer Repair Wichita – Another SEO Case Study two weeks ago.  Before we get to the numbers, here’s a little recap of what we’ve been doing in the interim.

  1. Minor text changes in the website.  Phrases like ’Wichita IT support’ became ‘Wichita and Derby IT support’.
  2. Header and meta tag changes
  3. Blog entries – We’ve been talking at length about the expansion in the blog.
  4. Joined the Derby Chamber of Commerce – This added a link back to our website.

In my opinion, the blogging is usually the most beneficial.  Let’s review the baseline from two weeks ago:

  • Derby Computer Repair – 35
  • Computer Repair Derby – 44
  • Derby IT Support – >300
  • IT Support Derby – 32

Keep in mind that first page results in Google (<10) are usually the only results that will drive traffic to a website.  As we started optimizing, we noticed that there was some bleed-over in the results from Derby in the UK, so we added another set of terms.  We started tracking them on the 8th, so we only have a week’s worth of records.

Here are the current results at the two-week point:

  • Derby Computer Repair – 7  (moved up 28 places)
  • Computer Repair Derby – 7  (moved up 37 places)
  • Derby IT Support – >300  (no movement)  *thoughts below
  • IT Support Derby – 35  (moved down 3 places) *thoughts below
  • Computer Repair Derby KS – 6 (moved from 9 in one week)
  • Derby KS Computer Repair – 8 (moved from 10 in one week)
  • Derby KS IT Support – 52 (moved from >300 in one week)
  • IT Support Derby KS – 31 (moved from >300 in one week)

* Two of our phrases showed no movement or backwards movement for the recorded period.  We’re hoping, as in most cases, that these are temporary fluctuations.  ”IT” is a hard word to optimize, as it is normally ignored as a word.

As you can see, we’ve made some great gains in the engines!  Two of our original four terms have ranked in the top ten results and another half of the new terms (simply adding KS to the old phrases) are top ten as well.

If you’re looking for outstanding computer repair and support services in Derby, Wichita or any of the surrounding communities, give us a call at (316) 337-5628.  Our network consultants and computer technicians are trained and industry certified.  We can assist either at your home or business, or remotely through the Internet.


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