Wichita IT Support: The Mystery Network Closet

Does your office or building have one of these? Well, if you have more than a few computers, you probably do. Your particular mystery may simply include a cable modem and a router. Usually, those are easy to figure out.

Our IT support and computer repair service techs in Wichita sometimes have to deal with the true Mystery Network Closet (Note the capitals!)

The true Mystery Network Closet could contain the skeletons of twenty or more years of networks, because for the most part, vendors tend to abandon their equipment when you drop their service.

So what does it matter? So there’s old equipment in there.

Indeed. Some of it is still plugged in and running, racking up electricity costs over the last ten years since it’s been used.

The other reason: SERVICE.

Unfortunately, good IT support is expensive. The less documentation you have and the more clutter in your closet, the more time a skilled IT suppor service person will need to make sure they’re working on the right equipment and ensure they’re not troubleshooting wiring that existed in the Clinton administration.

Let us help. Proper Technology is a veteran-owned, Wichita based IT support services firm that can help you, regardless of your business’s size. If you want fully managed, concierge IT support at a monthly rate, we can do that. If you just want someone to fix things here and there to keep your IT budget under control, we can do that as well. We are more than happy to work with you with or without a support contract.

Call us at (316) 210-7112 to setup a consultation, or simply to have a technician remote into your system to fix that pesky problem preventing you from being productive!

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Wichita IT Support – Are You Ready for Your Own Domain?

As a IT support services company in Wichita, we serve clients ranging from mom and pop offices to major firms with multiple locations. Today’s question applies to the former:

Are you ready for your own domain?

No, we’re not talking about a secret lair or Fortress of Solitude. We’re talking about the little piece of the Internet that represents your business. Ours is right at the top of this page; properwichita.com.

Not only is this the address of our website, it’s the address of our email.

There’s a little bit of extra cost involved, but we believe that the pros are definitely in having your business feel more, well, ‘pro.’

By extra cost, we are talking about $15/year or so to register the domain name, then (our recommendation) $5/month per email address, which gets your Microsoft 365s great Outlook web interface and all the corporate calendaring conveniences that come with it.

IT support services in Wichita are plentiful, but there are some differences. While we can provide fully managed services like the bigger, out-of-state firms (meaning all your services at one flat monthly rate), we are more than happy to work with you without a contract.

If you’re looking for a Wichita-based, veteran-owned small business IT support service, give us a call at (316) 210-7112.

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IT Support Wichita – Winter Storm Havoc on Computer Services

Wichita, and in fact, most of the country just experienced some unseasonably cold weather. The arctic blast not only disrupted schools and daily routines, it disrupted computer networks and computer support services themselves.

Our Wichita computer repair and support technicians have spent the week dealing with power outages, Internet outages, VoIP phone outages, and just about everything but the kitchen sink.

Things go down. How fast will your IT support services get you back up and running? That’s the most important question. Your Wichita IT support provider needs to be effective, but most of all, they need to be available. Even with a large number of issues, or average response time for a ‘users unable to work’ emergency this week was under one hour. And that’s ‘snowy boots in office’ response, not simply a call to acknowledge the issue, which satisfies most IT support companies’ Service Level Agreement.


If you’ve got an SLA with your IT services company, look at the wording. It gives a peace of mind thinking that your urgent issues will be addressed in two hours, a common contractual response time. Unfortunately, in a majority of contracts, a computer repair tech simply needs to call you and acknowledge the issue to satisfy the SLA.

Are you looking for a rock-solid Wichita IT support firm for your small business? Proper Technology Solutions is a veteran-owned, Wichita based small business that has been catering to the IT service needs of Wichita and surrounding areas for over 10 years.

Give us a call at (316) 210-7112 to schedule a consultation, whether it be for full managed services, or just a one-off fix. We are still happy to help you resolve your computer repair issues without a lengthy contract.

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Wichita Computer Repair – IT Support for Your Small Business

Are you looking for someone to come assist with your small business IT support needs?

Someone that isn’t going to break the bank or force you to sign a three year contract?

Look no further than Proper Technology Solutions. Our Wichita IT support technicians are available to completely design and maintain your network, or for a simple one-off computer repair. We want to support you!

Computer services in Wichita vary greatly in price, and we consider ourselves highly competitive for the level of service that we provide. We provide detailed billing, giving our clients an explanation in plain language, as opposed to a blanket ‘computer services’ line-item, giving no description and a large dollar amount.

Veteran owned and local, we’d like to the opportunity to work with you and your small business. Our techs are knowledgeable, responsive, and quick to get you to the most important stage: resolution.

Call us at (316) 210-2112 to discuss your needs or to schedule a visit from one of our talented Wichita IT support specialists.

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Wichita IT Support – Small Business Computer Services for South Central Kansas

It takes a small, local business to truly understand the needs of a small, local business. That’s why we built Proper Technology Solutions. Our lead technician spent years working as an IT support consultant at another firm not only solving computer repair issues, but listening to the small business owners.

Computer repair in Wichita runs the gamut between large, out-of-state corporations and small mom and pop shops that may or may not utilize an industry certified IT support technician.

At Proper, we strive to be both Professional and personal. It’s in our name! Our IT support services team is certified by big name vendors such as Dell, Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA. You can be certain that we will bring the expertise to your computer services needs, whether you’re in Wichita or any of our surrounding communities.

Veteran-owned and local, Proper has been servicing Wichita IT support needs for over 10 years now and we can boast several clients that have been along with us every step of the way! If you’re looking for simple computer repair or a full suite of small business IT support services, look no further. Give us a call at (316) 210-7112 and we can schedule a time to visit, evaluate your network, and start making your IT woes disappear.

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IT Services Wichita – A few handy-dandy shortcuts for you

At Proper, our IT support technicians work with every level of computer users in the course of their repair work. From providing specialized assistance to a company’s existing IT staff to working with the self-described ‘IT illiterates.’ Let us help you translate!

If you’re in the latter category and want to take yourself to the next level, here are some quick shortcuts that will make your life easier while making you look like a pro.

Windows Key + L = Locks your desktop. This one is essential in sensitive workplaces.

Windows Key + D = Minimizes everything on the screen and takes you to the desktop.

Windows Key + E = Takes you to your drives and files, called Windows Explorer.

CTRL +A = Highlights all text. Great when using the next one below.

CTRL +C = Copies all highlighted text. Great when using the next one below.

CTRL +P = Pastes all the copied text.

If you’re looking for rock-solid IT support in Wichita from a local, veteran-owned support firm that’s been around over 10 years, give us a call. We’d like to win your business with fast, affordable service. While we offer full, MSP (Managed Service Provider) services that cover all your needs for one monthly charge, we’re also more than happy to work with you without a lengthy contract.

(316) 210-7112

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Wichita IT Support – Wow, it’s really been 10 years!

Here at Proper Technology Solutions, we’d like to thank the Wichita small business community for trusting us with one of your business’s most important assets, your IT infrastructure.

As always, we still strive to be affordable, reliable, and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Over the years, we’ve coached our IT support staff to be the best. One of the ways we’ve done that is to ask each new client an important question: Why are you leaving your previous computer support firm?

Some of the top answers and what we’ve done:

Reason: Support would be slow getting back to us. We often heard of urgent issues taking days to be responded to.

Solution: This was a no-brainer and in our DNA since day one of operations. Clients are constantly amazed at our response times. Yesterday, we were onsite at a client’s office in about 5 minutes from her frantic text. Yes, that was a lucky one, but not entirely atypical. Our unwritten goal is to have someone onsite or working remotely to resolve a critical issue within an hour of being notified.

Reason: They moved to a contract-only model and we don’t want to be locked into an expensive maintenance agreement for 2-3 years.

Solution: Regular maintenance is important. We get that! We also get that your budget is important too. While we can offer full, flat-rate, ‘we take care of everything’ monthly service, we are also happy to send one of our Wichita-based IT support staff out to fix that pesky server on an hourly basis.

Reason: Their rates are way too high!

Solution: Since the beginning, our rates have always been more than competitive for certified IT support. We are regularly 20-25% cheaper than the larger shops in town (The ones people were complaining about above)

If you’re looking for fast, affordable computer repair in Wichita and surrounding areas, give us a call to see what we can do for you. We are local, veteran-owned IT services firm with over 30 years of experience (If you’ve got an old DOS machine, we can probably fix it if we can find parts. 🙂

(316) 210-7112

Thanks again, Wichita, for 10 great years!

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Computer Repair Wichita – Buying new PCs? Consult the Experts

We get it.

Small businesses run on a budget and yours is important to you. At Proper, we’re definitely the same. We cut corners where we can, but contract expert help when we need it (like accounting!)

When it comes to PCs, do you really know exactly what your business needs?

A while back, we had a customer that purchased a few machines from us. A year later, they asked for a quote, then decided to skip the middle man and purchase them themselves. It came as a surprise to our IT support specialists when they received a call asking for assistance putting them on the company’s network.

One of our computer repair guys went onsite and diagnosed the issue very quickly. The machines (4) all had Windows 10 Home on them, instead of Windows 10 Pro. The client asked our support person how to resolve the issue.

“Buy the Anytime Upgrade through Microsoft for $100.00 per machine and install it.”

“Can you do that for us?”

“It’ll take us about 30 minutes per machine.”

Total cost to the customer to put their machines on the domain was about $600.00.

How much did they save on the computers over our quote?

$50.00 per machine.

If you’re looking for and outstanding IT support service in Wichita and surrounding areas, please feel free to give us a call. We’re a veteran-owned, local Wichita business that has been serving the community for 10 years. We have the expertise to solve all of your issues and can provide full managed services support, while still being willing to help you out without a lengthy, expensive contract.

Call us today at (316) 210-7112 to setup an appointment to evaluate your needs and find out how we can help with fast support that is both Professional and Personal. That’s Proper.

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IT SUPPORT WICHITA – Solving Computer Problems ASAP

It always makes us happy when we can surprise a client with fast service. Yesterday, one of our network engineers was assisting a client onsite and was just wrapping up when he received an emergency support call from a client, informing him that their network was down.

As a Tax Preparation firm, good tech support is priceless to them, especially around this time of the year. Without access to their client records and their server-based tax software, they were dead in the water at one of their busiest times.

When our tech knocked on the door less than five minutes after their message, they were shocked. They were even happier when everything was running smoothly less than fifteen minutes later.

If you’re looking for good, responsive IT support in Wichita and surrounding communities, look no further. As a veteran-owned small business computer repair firm, we’re here to help you balance the costs of professional IT support with the financial reality of running a business. We are happy to structure a full maintenance and upgrade plan, but we’re happy to assist you without a lengthy contract; whatever works for your business.

Feel free to give us a call for a free consultation, or simply to have one of our IT support engineers wade right in to take care of your trouble spots.

(316) 210-7112

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WICHITA IT SUPPORT – Backing Up is Hard to Do

Okay, so it’s a little bit of a play on words, but the sentiment seems to be accurate. I’m not sure how many IT support horror stories I hear that would have been mitigated with a little bit of proactive maintenance.

Every small business owner in Wichita has seen the news stories about major networks, including municipal networks, down for 2-3 weeks because of a ransomware attack. For the record, these attacks are real, and unlike other attacks, you have a good chance of being struck by one. All it takes is a lack of due diligence or a click on a malicious email link to permanently encrypt all of your important data.

That’s where good IT support and tech services comes into play. Each and every one of the long-term-down issues you see in the news could have been prevented with good backups.

That said, good backups aren’t easy. If your backup is still connected to the network, it’s likely to be encrypted along with the rest of your data. The solution is tiered backups. Depending on their budget and need, some of our clients back up their data on not one, but three or four levels.

At the minimum, we recommend an offsite backup or cloud backup. This stores your data safely offsite in case of a physical emergency. Ideally, a good backup strategy consists of good hardware, an onsite backup and an offsite backup.

Don’t be left in the cold when one of these attacks happen. Choose a Wichita tech support provider with the experience required to protect your business and most of all, its data.

(316) 210-7112

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