IT SUPPORT WICHITA – Solving Computer Problems ASAP

It always makes us happy when we can surprise a client with fast service. Yesterday, one of our network engineers was assisting a client onsite and was just wrapping up when he received an emergency support call from a client, informing him that their network was down.

As a Tax Preparation firm, good tech support is priceless to them, especially around this time of the year. Without access to their client records and their server-based tax software, they were dead in the water at one of their busiest times.

When our tech knocked on the door less than five minutes after their message, they were shocked. They were even happier when everything was running smoothly less than fifteen minutes later.

If you’re looking for good, responsive IT support in Wichita and surrounding communities, look no further. As a veteran-owned small business computer repair firm, we’re here to help you balance the costs of professional IT support with the financial reality of running a business. We are happy to structure a full maintenance and upgrade plan, but we’re happy to assist you without a lengthy contract; whatever works for your business.

Feel free to give us a call for a free consultation, or simply to have one of our IT support engineers wade right in to take care of your trouble spots.

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