WICHITA IT SUPPORT – Backing Up is Hard to Do

Okay, so it’s a little bit of a play on words, but the sentiment seems to be accurate. I’m not sure how many IT support horror stories I hear that would have been mitigated with a little bit of proactive maintenance.

Every small business owner in Wichita has seen the news stories about major networks, including municipal networks, down for 2-3 weeks because of a ransomware attack. For the record, these attacks are real, and unlike other attacks, you have a good chance of being struck by one. All it takes is a lack of due diligence or a click on a malicious email link to permanently encrypt all of your important data.

That’s where good IT support and tech services comes into play. Each and every one of the long-term-down issues you see in the news could have been prevented with good backups.

That said, good backups aren’t easy. If your backup is still connected to the network, it’s likely to be encrypted along with the rest of your data. The solution is tiered backups. Depending on their budget and need, some of our clients back up their data on not one, but three or four levels.

At the minimum, we recommend an offsite backup or cloud backup. This stores your data safely offsite in case of a physical emergency. Ideally, a good backup strategy consists of good hardware, an onsite backup and an offsite backup.

Don’t be left in the cold when one of these attacks happen. Choose a Wichita tech support provider with the experience required to protect your business and most of all, its data.

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