WICHITA IT SUPPORT – Is Windows 11 Right for Your Business?

TL;DR, Not Yet.

The IT news media is all about the recent release of Windows 11, from complaints about the interface to issues with compatibility. The easiest answer to the question above is simply, ‘not yet.’

Our philosophy as an IT support service in Wichita generally goes along the lines of ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.’ This applies especially to Operating System upgrades. Moving from one OS to the next generally only becomes a need when one of two conditions are met: either your main business software requires it, or when the current OS no longer receives security updates.

That’s pretty much it. The bells and whistles of a new OS are enticing, but as from an IT support perspective, Wichita businesses should wait. Wait until the bugs are worked out. Wait until the security issues are worked out.

Proper Technology Solutions has been a Wichita IT support provider for small to medium businesses in the Wichita metro area since 2011. For over ten years, our IT service pros have worked with clients to match IT solutions to their budgets and needs, with or without lengthy contracts.

If you’re looking for professional support with personal service you’ve come to the right place…it’s where we get our name. Give us a call at (316) 210-7112 to discuss your needs or schedule a time where we can visit your office and tailor an IT support package that balances your budget and your need for security.

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