Computer Repair Wichita – Buying new PCs? Consult the Experts

We get it.

Small businesses run on a budget and yours is important to you. At Proper, we’re definitely the same. We cut corners where we can, but contract expert help when we need it (like accounting!)

When it comes to PCs, do you really know exactly what your business needs?

A while back, we had a customer that purchased a few machines from us. A year later, they asked for a quote, then decided to skip the middle man and purchase them themselves. It came as a surprise to our IT support specialists when they received a call asking for assistance putting them on the company’s network.

One of our computer repair guys went onsite and diagnosed the issue very quickly. The machines (4) all had Windows 10 Home on them, instead of Windows 10 Pro. The client asked our support person how to resolve the issue.

“Buy the Anytime Upgrade through Microsoft for $100.00 per machine and install it.”

“Can you do that for us?”

“It’ll take us about 30 minutes per machine.”

Total cost to the customer to put their machines on the domain was about $600.00.

How much did they save on the computers over our quote?

$50.00 per machine.

If you’re looking for and outstanding IT support service in Wichita and surrounding areas, please feel free to give us a call. We’re a veteran-owned, local Wichita business that has been serving the community for 10 years. We have the expertise to solve all of your issues and can provide full managed services support, while still being willing to help you out without a lengthy, expensive contract.

Call us today at (316) 210-7112 to setup an appointment to evaluate your needs and find out how we can help with fast support that is both Professional and Personal. That’s Proper.

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