Wichita IT Support – Wow, it’s really been 10 years!

Here at Proper Technology Solutions, we’d like to thank the Wichita small business community for trusting us with one of your business’s most important assets, your IT infrastructure.

As always, we still strive to be affordable, reliable, and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Over the years, we’ve coached our IT support staff to be the best. One of the ways we’ve done that is to ask each new client an important question: Why are you leaving your previous computer support firm?

Some of the top answers and what we’ve done:

Reason: Support would be slow getting back to us. We often heard of urgent issues taking days to be responded to.

Solution: This was a no-brainer and in our DNA since day one of operations. Clients are constantly amazed at our response times. Yesterday, we were onsite at a client’s office in about 5 minutes from her frantic text. Yes, that was a lucky one, but not entirely atypical. Our unwritten goal is to have someone onsite or working remotely to resolve a critical issue within an hour of being notified.

Reason: They moved to a contract-only model and we don’t want to be locked into an expensive maintenance agreement for 2-3 years.

Solution: Regular maintenance is important. We get that! We also get that your budget is important too. While we can offer full, flat-rate, ‘we take care of everything’ monthly service, we are also happy to send one of our Wichita-based IT support staff out to fix that pesky server on an hourly basis.

Reason: Their rates are way too high!

Solution: Since the beginning, our rates have always been more than competitive for certified IT support. We are regularly 20-25% cheaper than the larger shops in town (The ones people were complaining about above)

If you’re looking for fast, affordable computer repair in Wichita and surrounding areas, give us a call to see what we can do for you. We are local, veteran-owned IT services firm with over 30 years of experience (If you’ve got an old DOS machine, we can probably fix it if we can find parts. 🙂

(316) 210-7112

Thanks again, Wichita, for 10 great years!

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