IT Services Wichita – A few handy-dandy shortcuts for you

At Proper, our IT support technicians work with every level of computer users in the course of their repair work. From providing specialized assistance to a company’s existing IT staff to working with the self-described ‘IT illiterates.’ Let us help you translate!

If you’re in the latter category and want to take yourself to the next level, here are some quick shortcuts that will make your life easier while making you look like a pro.

Windows Key + L = Locks your desktop. This one is essential in sensitive workplaces.

Windows Key + D = Minimizes everything on the screen and takes you to the desktop.

Windows Key + E = Takes you to your drives and files, called Windows Explorer.

CTRL +A = Highlights all text. Great when using the next one below.

CTRL +C = Copies all highlighted text. Great when using the next one below.

CTRL +P = Pastes all the copied text.

If you’re looking for rock-solid IT support in Wichita from a local, veteran-owned support firm that’s been around over 10 years, give us a call. We’d like to win your business with fast, affordable service. While we offer full, MSP (Managed Service Provider) services that cover all your needs for one monthly charge, we’re also more than happy to work with you without a lengthy contract.

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