COMPUTER REPAIR WICHITA – Outstanding Industry Knowledge

When choosing an IT or tech service provider in Wichita, make sure to do a little research. What is the knowledge level of the staff? It’s okay to have employees that are new to the industry, but who backs them up?

While our team may be small, we are trying to give younger techs a start in the business. That doesn’t mean that they’re not backed up by years and years of experience. Our lead network engineer has over 30 years of IT experience, ranging from IBM PC XTs running DOS 3.3 to advanced virtual servers running Windows server 2019. With a Master’s degree in IT and multiple industry certifications including Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, and a teaching background, he makes sure that our techs are constantly learning and keeping up with tomorrow’s technology.

If you’re looking for IT support in Wichita and surrounding areas, either WITH or WITHOUT a service contract, look no further. We’ll be happy to come out, evaluate your tech needs, or just perform a quick computer repair right in your office.

We’re a veteran-owned, Wichita-based small business and we appreciate your support!

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WICHITA TECH SERVICES – Finding the Right Balance

Running a small business is all about balance. After nearly ten years running Proper Technology Solutions, we know that better than others. As a business owner, sometimes you need to find that tipping point between what are best practices and what your business can actually afford.

This couldn’t be more true than when you try to maintain and secure a network infrastructure, even if it’s just one PC. That one PC likely contains everything you’ve worked to build over a number of years. Choosing an effective Wichita IT support provider for PC repair and maintenance is an important part of keeping that balance.

The most recent trend, especially among tech services in Wichita is to use the MSP (Manage Service Provider) model. In the MSP model, the tech services company manages your whole network, including all of your support, for one monthly fee. The catch is that it usually comes with a 2-3 year contract, payable regardless of how many service hours you use and often doesn’t really cover every call you might make.

We can absolutely help you with something like that, and we do recommend the regular maintenance it provides.

We also understand that not every small business can afford regular maintenance. That’s where the balance comes in. We’re willing to work with you without a contract on an as-needed basis. We know how to balance ‘what’s ideal’ with ‘what’s affordable’ for your small business.

Don’t think that means a low level of service, though. We’ve jumped in to help customers we haven’t seen in months with a business outage, usually in just a few hours.

Are you looking for a change in your IT services provider in Wichita or surrounding areas? Unhappy with response times or long contracts? Give Kevin a call at (316) 210-7112. We can discuss your IT and PC repair needs and come up with a solution that fits the bill. We get our name from being both PROfessional and PERsonal, and we stand by it.

Are you ready for your business to actually be important to your IT support firm?

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Wichita IT Support – 30+ Years of Technical Experience

As we rapidly approach Proper Technology Solutions’ tenth anniversary, we’d like to point out that our roots in the IT field stretch back even further.

While technology constantly evolves, the fact that our most senior engineer first started turning screws on IBM PC clones in 1988 provides more than just historical perspective. From installing hard drives that would hold a whopping total of two (2) pictures on your phone to advanced networking and wireless design, they’ve seen it all, and it doesn’t just apply to that old technology. We have the experience and depth of troubleshooting knowledge to quickly determine a problem and craft a solution.

While a large number of Wichita IT support firms won’t work with you without a lengthy, sometimes three-year contract, we will be happy to take care of your IT needs without one. Yes, while we usually advise regular maintenance for small business networks, we realize that not all small businesses in Wichita can afford it. At Proper, we strive to provide IT support services that balance affordability with safety and protection.

Let our staff take the worry out of your IT support needs. We follow all COVID-19 protocols and try to do as much of our work as possible remotely, to help keep us and your crew safe and productive.

If you’re a small business in Wichita and surrounding areas that has no Wichita IT support provider, or are unhappy with response times and customer service, please let us know! We can fix what needs to be fixed to keep your business running! We are a veteran-owned company and provide deep discounts for charities, non-profit groups, and other veteran-owned business in Wichita and surrounding areas.

(316) 210-7112.

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Wichita IT Support: Work from Home? No Worries

When our clients are in need, we respond. When the shutdowns occurred in March of 2020, a client with over fifty employees reached out to us. ‘We’d like to set all of our employees up to work from home.’ When asked when, the answer was ‘tomorrow.’

Thanks to an already installed base of remote-control tools our techs use to repair their machines during and after-hours, we were able to provide. By granting granular access to our remote control tool, each user was able to remote from their home or lender PC into their office PC, just like they were sitting in front of it (even if it was dual-screen!)

Having a solid IT support team monitoring and maintaining your network helps you be prepared for any contingency, even the most unexpected.

If you’re looking for professional, personal support from a veteran-owned, local Wichita IT Support firm, please give us a call. We can work with you on a contract basis to keep your network fit, or we can simply assist you with hourly work on an as-needed basis. (316) 210-7112

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IT Support Wichita – Ransomware Mitigation

Ransomware happens. Proper Technology’s Wichita IT support staff has assisted numerous companies in the area with these attacks. Each of our existing clients weathered the storm with little to no downtime and little to know data loss.

As much as good security practices are good for preventing a ransomware attack, good IT practices will help you survive a ransomware attack once it happens.

It usually starts as a legitimate-looking email, sometime asking you to verify an incoming shipment or to clarify an unpaid invoice. Staff can be trained to spot most of these, but eventually something will slip. In the case of one of our clients, it happened around four in the afternoon. By 4:30, someone was calling in to our techs complaining that some files wouldn’t open. It was quickly recognized by the technician that it sounded like a ransomware attack. He made the wise decision to tell them to shut things down.


60 employees across two sites.

The initial triage showed that over 500GB of data had been encrypted, but only one physical PC was affected.

Proper Technology Solutions sent out a team and the business was running as usual first thing in the morning thanks to a multi-level backup system. Only minor data was lost withing the few hours directly before the attack.

Don’t let some media reports fool you. These actors are targeting small-time targets.

Is your network ready? Do you have a backup? Is the backup vulnerable to the same attack?

Call Proper Technology Solutions to setup a consultation on your network security and backup strategy. We are a local, veteran-owned Wichita IT support firm that has been here for 10 years serving the area’s small to medium businesses. Professional Service with Personal Support. That’s Proper. (316) 210-7112

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Wichita IT Support – What We Do

Over thirty years of IT support experience means that we can find a solution for whatever your business network needs. We have been serving Wichita’s IT support needs for ten years, making us an established choice for affordable IT solutions and design.

Our philosophy has always been to provide our clients with a level of support and maintenance that will fit their budget and business needs. While we can offer competitive contract rates for a full range of ongoing IT maintenance, we are also willing to work with you on an as-needed basis without the need for a lengthy contract. A lot of Wichita IT support providers have gone to a contract-only model and we want to provide an alternative to that for those who need it.

The goal is to work with you to provide the best service, while leveraging your internal staff to resolve simple issues that are more cost-effective to resolve in-house. If we identify a minor issue that is generating billable time on a regular basis, we can determine if the fix is something we can train an employee to accomplish, saving you money.

If the question is ‘can you do…’, the answer is most likely ‘yes.’ We have experience ranging from simple one or two employee networks to enterprises of a hundred users and more. We’ve setup company networks from scratch including wireless design and remote connectivity of multiple networks. We work extensively with Microsoft 365, providing Office and email capabilities that will take your business image to the next level.

Give us a call today to setup an appointment or schedule a consultation. Proper Technology Solutions is a local, veteran-owned Wichita IT support firm that operates 24/7 for existing clients. (316) 210-7112

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As simple as that. We are more than happy to work with you to come up with a suite of IT support solutions for your company in Wichita or surrounding areas with or without a contract.

Some of our customers choose to have an established maintenance contract in order to ensure that their equipment, software, firmware, and other considerations are up to date to assist in avoiding malware, spyware, and ransomware attacks. While contracts will save money in the long term, we are aware that some clients simply need break-fix work, someone to consult with their in-house IT staff, or just don’t have the budget for regular maintenance. Our IT support staff in Wichita will resolve any pain points in your network either via remote control or in person (with COVID-19 safeguards.)

If you’re looking for a qualified, veteran-owned and operated IT support provider in Wichita, look no further. 30 years of IT support experience means that we can resolve your issues whether you’re using a state-of-the-art virtual server or still running that old Windows NT 4.0 server from 1999!

Contact us for pricing or a consultation today. (316) 210-7112

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At Proper Technology Solutions, all of our technicians are practicing recommended masking and social distancing. We endeavor to provide as much of our support as possible via remote-control, eliminating the need to have a technician in person at your office. If you have any questions about our COVID-19 procedures, feel free to call Kevin at (316) 210-7112

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Wichita IT Support – Look For Depth of Experience

For information about our Derby Computer Repair and Virus Repair Services, visit the homepage at Proper Technology Solutions.

Looking for a New IT Provider?

Here are some things to look for on your journey.

Depth of IT Support Experience

Face it, sometimes small businesses aren’t running the cutting edge equipment.  Our techs understand that, and are ready.  With experience back to the old days of DOS in the early to mid 1980’s, our computer repair technicians have experience with every system and Operating System environment along the route.  Last week, we went onsite to an emergency at a new client.  Their SonicWALL router was completely dead, bringing their IT system to its knees.  The SonicWALL in question was over 10 years old, tied to a server of equal age.  Not only did we have the required replacement part on hand for the old router, we were able to resolve issues on the server (NT4 Server) that techs with less depth of IT support experience wouldn’t have been able to manage.  We’ve been there and have long memories (just like elephants!)

Understanding of Small Business IT Support

There’s ‘best practices’ and there is reality.  In reality, most small businesses can’t afford best practices, full disaster recovery and other ideal support or infrastructure.  As Wichita small business IT support specialists, it’s our job to get you as close to ‘best practices’ are possible within your IT support budget, and to tell you where you fall short.  Our certified IT technicians and computer repair specialists will customize support and infrastructure to meet your needs, balancing the ‘best practices’ with your budget.

Locally Owned, Wichita-Based

We are a 100% locally owned small business, providing IT support for our neighbors and other small businesses.  When possible, we try to keep local resources local, purchasing from local vendors and suppliers, even to the point of helping to build and assist in the development of an up and coming Wichita-based router manufacturer (more about this to come!)

In short, we understand the Wichita marketplace and try to treat every customer as a friend and neighbor.  We’ll never sell you more than you need, and work with you every way possible to make sure your IT systems work FOR your business.


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Wichita Computer Repair – Thank You for Your Support

For information about our Derby Computer Repair and Virus Repair Services, visit the homepage at Proper Technology Solutions.

Wichita IT Support Services? – We’ve Got You Covered

As we start the final quarter of our third year as a Wichita computer repair and IT support firm, we’d like to thank the loyal customers that make it possible.  We take pride in the fact that you entrust your business computers and networks to our techs, and we strive to never let you down.

Whether we are providing simply break/fix support or ongoing daily maintenance, every customer counts, whether we are supporting one computer or fifty.  We know that business, especially local small businesses, rely on their technology to organize and implement their business and our goal is to provide reliable, cost-effective service with business impact in mind.

If you want an IT support company that provides for your needs, give us a call at (316) 210-7112.  We never mind if you’re just calling to compare numbers and services!  We shop around, and expect our and potential customers to do the same, especially with something as important as computer and network maintenance.  I’ll wrap this thank you up with a brief list of just some of the services we most commonly provide to Wichita and Derby KS area small businesses, but the bottom line is, if you need it, we can provide it.

Wichita KS IT Support Services (Wichita, Derby and surrounding areas)

  • Remote monitoring of servers and workstations – Allows us to proactively maintain computers and servers, eliminating costly downtime for area businesses.
  • Online backup services – By partnering with a locally-based online backup provider (based in Derby), we can provide for large restores on a same-day basis in the event of a disaster.  We’ve chosen this over national providers to eliminate long delays in large restore jobs.  (ex. if it takes 2 weeks to do the initial backup, a full restore will take just as long or longer!)
  • Network design and implementation – We can design and build a network for your business, be it one location or dozens.  Our computer techs are certified in multiple networking technologies, and can recommend and design the most efficient and cost-effective solution.
  • Virus repair – We have experience removing even the most stubborn virus and malware infections.
  • Hardware – Through our partnerships with Dell and other vendors, we can recommend and acquire standard or custom hardware for your home and business.
  • Software – We can recommend and purchase software solutions from numerous vendors, or just make a recommendation based on your needs.
  • Training – 1 to 1 or group training is available.  We can help with transitions to new applications.
  • Search Engine Optimization – How does a less than 3-year-old company rank as number 1 in Google for ‘IT Support Wichita’?  SEO.  With our ethical and natural SEO techniques, we can get you better rankings that will last.

Wichita technology support has never been easier.  We are a small business designed for small business.  What’s important to you is important to us, it’s as simple as that.

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