Wichita IT Support: Work from Home? No Worries

When our clients are in need, we respond. When the shutdowns occurred in March of 2020, a client with over fifty employees reached out to us. ‘We’d like to set all of our employees up to work from home.’ When asked when, the answer was ‘tomorrow.’

Thanks to an already installed base of remote-control tools our techs use to repair their machines during and after-hours, we were able to provide. By granting granular access to our remote control tool, each user was able to remote from their home or lender PC into their office PC, just like they were sitting in front of it (even if it was dual-screen!)

Having a solid IT support team monitoring and maintaining your network helps you be prepared for any contingency, even the most unexpected.

If you’re looking for professional, personal support from a veteran-owned, local Wichita IT Support firm, please give us a call. We can work with you on a contract basis to keep your network fit, or we can simply assist you with hourly work on an as-needed basis. (316) 210-7112

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