IT Support Wichita – Ransomware Mitigation

Ransomware happens. Proper Technology’s Wichita IT support staff has assisted numerous companies in the area with these attacks. Each of our existing clients weathered the storm with little to no downtime and little to know data loss.

As much as good security practices are good for preventing a ransomware attack, good IT practices will help you survive a ransomware attack once it happens.

It usually starts as a legitimate-looking email, sometime asking you to verify an incoming shipment or to clarify an unpaid invoice. Staff can be trained to spot most of these, but eventually something will slip. In the case of one of our clients, it happened around four in the afternoon. By 4:30, someone was calling in to our techs complaining that some files wouldn’t open. It was quickly recognized by the technician that it sounded like a ransomware attack. He made the wise decision to tell them to shut things down.


60 employees across two sites.

The initial triage showed that over 500GB of data had been encrypted, but only one physical PC was affected.

Proper Technology Solutions sent out a team and the business was running as usual first thing in the morning thanks to a multi-level backup system. Only minor data was lost withing the few hours directly before the attack.

Don’t let some media reports fool you. These actors are targeting small-time targets.

Is your network ready? Do you have a backup? Is the backup vulnerable to the same attack?

Call Proper Technology Solutions to setup a consultation on your network security and backup strategy. We are a local, veteran-owned Wichita IT support firm that has been here for 10 years serving the area’s small to medium businesses. Professional Service with Personal Support. That’s Proper. (316) 210-7112

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