WICHITA TECH SERVICES – Finding the Right Balance

Running a small business is all about balance. After nearly ten years running Proper Technology Solutions, we know that better than others. As a business owner, sometimes you need to find that tipping point between what are best practices and what your business can actually afford.

This couldn’t be more true than when you try to maintain and secure a network infrastructure, even if it’s just one PC. That one PC likely contains everything you’ve worked to build over a number of years. Choosing an effective Wichita IT support provider for PC repair and maintenance is an important part of keeping that balance.

The most recent trend, especially among tech services in Wichita is to use the MSP (Manage Service Provider) model. In the MSP model, the tech services company manages your whole network, including all of your support, for one monthly fee. The catch is that it usually comes with a 2-3 year contract, payable regardless of how many service hours you use and often doesn’t really cover every call you might make.

We can absolutely help you with something like that, and we do recommend the regular maintenance it provides.

We also understand that not every small business can afford regular maintenance. That’s where the balance comes in. We’re willing to work with you without a contract on an as-needed basis. We know how to balance ‘what’s ideal’ with ‘what’s affordable’ for your small business.

Don’t think that means a low level of service, though. We’ve jumped in to help customers we haven’t seen in months with a business outage, usually in just a few hours.

Are you looking for a change in your IT services provider in Wichita or surrounding areas? Unhappy with response times or long contracts? Give Kevin a call at (316) 210-7112. We can discuss your IT and PC repair needs and come up with a solution that fits the bill. We get our name from being both PROfessional and PERsonal, and we stand by it.

Are you ready for your business to actually be important to your IT support firm?

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