Wichita IT Support – Look For Depth of Experience

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Looking for a New IT Provider?

Here are some things to look for on your journey.

Depth of IT Support Experience

Face it, sometimes small businesses aren’t running the cutting edge equipment.  Our techs understand that, and are ready.  With experience back to the old days of DOS in the early to mid 1980’s, our computer repair technicians have experience with every system and Operating System environment along the route.  Last week, we went onsite to an emergency at a new client.  Their SonicWALL router was completely dead, bringing their IT system to its knees.  The SonicWALL in question was over 10 years old, tied to a server of equal age.  Not only did we have the required replacement part on hand for the old router, we were able to resolve issues on the server (NT4 Server) that techs with less depth of IT support experience wouldn’t have been able to manage.  We’ve been there and have long memories (just like elephants!)

Understanding of Small Business IT Support

There’s ‘best practices’ and there is reality.  In reality, most small businesses can’t afford best practices, full disaster recovery and other ideal support or infrastructure.  As Wichita small business IT support specialists, it’s our job to get you as close to ‘best practices’ are possible within your IT support budget, and to tell you where you fall short.  Our certified IT technicians and computer repair specialists will customize support and infrastructure to meet your needs, balancing the ‘best practices’ with your budget.

Locally Owned, Wichita-Based

We are a 100% locally owned small business, providing IT support for our neighbors and other small businesses.  When possible, we try to keep local resources local, purchasing from local vendors and suppliers, even to the point of helping to build and assist in the development of an up and coming Wichita-based router manufacturer (more about this to come!)

In short, we understand the Wichita marketplace and try to treat every customer as a friend and neighbor.  We’ll never sell you more than you need, and work with you every way possible to make sure your IT systems work FOR your business.


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