Wichita IT Support: The Mystery Network Closet

Does your office or building have one of these? Well, if you have more than a few computers, you probably do. Your particular mystery may simply include a cable modem and a router. Usually, those are easy to figure out.

Our IT support and computer repair service techs in Wichita sometimes have to deal with the true Mystery Network Closet (Note the capitals!)

The true Mystery Network Closet could contain the skeletons of twenty or more years of networks, because for the most part, vendors tend to abandon their equipment when you drop their service.

So what does it matter? So there’s old equipment in there.

Indeed. Some of it is still plugged in and running, racking up electricity costs over the last ten years since it’s been used.

The other reason: SERVICE.

Unfortunately, good IT support is expensive. The less documentation you have and the more clutter in your closet, the more time a skilled IT suppor service person will need to make sure they’re working on the right equipment and ensure they’re not troubleshooting wiring that existed in the Clinton administration.

Let us help. Proper Technology is a veteran-owned, Wichita based IT support services firm that can help you, regardless of your business’s size. If you want fully managed, concierge IT support at a monthly rate, we can do that. If you just want someone to fix things here and there to keep your IT budget under control, we can do that as well. We are more than happy to work with you with or without a support contract.

Call us at (316) 210-7112 to setup a consultation, or simply to have a technician remote into your system to fix that pesky problem preventing you from being productive!

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