IT Support Wichita – A Quick Email Security Hint

Our Wichita-based IT support service technicians receive one question more than any other:

What’s the best way to prevent virus and ransomware attacks?

There’s a simple answer that comes as a surprise to most.

Stop being so trusting.

Yep. We see a familiar name in the email and immediately open it, even if the targeting is off. What is targeting? The best way to explain that is to show good targeting vs. bad targeting.

If someone is pretending to be your accountant and sending you an attachment that says ‘we got this from the IRS for you’; that’s GREAT targeting.

More often than not, though, it will be your accountant that says ‘LOOK at this cool thing I found online.’

Suspicious? Absolutely.

Our computer repair techs see the latter a lot. Even the first, well-targeted email has some easy tells.

Is it from their email address? It may say Bob Johnson, but if you look harder to the email address next to it, when did Bob start using a ‘’ email address?

The follow up is ‘how can I be sure?’

The IT support guys agree: Call them.

If someone sends you an email that is dubious, the last thing you want to do is to reply to it to ask them if they’ve sent it. At this point, the hackers are actually replying to these.

Local, Trusted IT Support

Another hint. Get a solid, Wichita-based IT support service that has your small business’s needs in mind. We can train, protect, and backup all the important data that is the lifeblood of your organization. We’re veteran-owned and have been serving at IT consultants to Wichita small businesses for over 10 years!

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