Wichita IT Support – A Liaison for All of Your Computer Support Needs

At Proper Technology Solutions, our computer repair and IT support technicians perform a wide variety of roles, but one of the most important is that of a ‘service liaison.’

What’s that mean?

We’re glad you asked. There are specialists in the field of IT, and we can not only help you find them, but we can also work with them to get things done. If you have separate phone, network, Audio-Visual, security, and other IT-related vendors, we are happy to coordinate with them.

How about an example?

Just this last week, one of our larger client tasked us with getting a fax machine back up and running. Not only do we not provide the support for their printers/fax machines, we don’t provide support for their phone system. Never fear, though. Our client reached out to one of our IT support technicians and asked us to assist troubleshooting and coordinate with the other vendors…because the problem wasn’t being resolved.

How can you help?

Well, for one, we speak tech. Vendors will sometimes try to point the finger at another vendor and our client ends up in a loop. We try to intercede to stop that. In this case, we contacted the phone (VoIP) vendor and discussed the issue, created our own troubleshooting steps to eliminate as many points of failure as possible, then worked with the printer/fax support team to assist.

Within a short amount of time, the printer/fax support was onsite replacing a component and our technicians were providing service recommended by the VoIP vendor. A loop that had been spiraling for nearly three weeks finally started to unravel.

If you’re looking for a professional IT support company in Wichita and surrounding areas, please give us a call at (316) 210-7112. We are a veteran-owned, Wichita local computer consulting firm that has been serving the community for over ten years! We can fully manage your IT support needs for one flat monthly rate (Managed Service Provider), or simply resolve your trouble spots without the need for a lengthy and expensive contract.

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