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Wichita IT Support Tip for May 9th, 2011

Using QuickParts in Word 2010

Is there something you type over and over again in Microsoft Word.  Just like your signature in Microsoft Outlook, you can automate some of your repetitive wording to save time and effort when you create documents. 

Let’s look at the easiest way to automate something.  I’m going to start with the signature line I use all the time at the bottom of quotes and bids. 

Step 1: Type the information that will become your AutoText:

Signature Lines to Be Converted

Signature Lines to Be Converted

Step 2:  Highlight the text and click on the Insert Menu.

Step 3: Look for the QuickParts icon and hover over AutoText.

Step 4: Click Save Selection to Autotext Gallery.

Add to the Autotext Gallery

Add to the Autotext Gallery

Step 5:  Give it a name in the box that pops up.  You can examine the categorization options later!

Step 6:  When you next need to use the Autotext, repeat going to the QuickParts option, and look for the preview of the entry you created.  Click the preview to add it to your new document.

Selecting the New AutoText

Selecting the New AutoText

Play around with it and see how much time you can save by automating some of the things you normally type!

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