IT Companies in Wichita – How are We Different?

At an event last week I was discussing the IT industry and Proper Technology Solutions.  The person I was with asked a valid question:  What makes you different from other IT Consulting Services?

I started listing things and decided I would transcribe the bullet points into a blog post, as others might have the same questions.

Wichita IT Consulting – Proper Technology Solutions

Here are the key ingredients that make us stand out from the rest:

  • College Educated Staff with Industry Certifications – The IT support professional that comes to your place of business or helps you over the phone will have a college degree in a related field.  To keep that knowledge fresh and up to date with current technology, our technicians are required to be certified by major industry organizations like Dell, Microsoft and Cisco.
  • Professional and Personal Support – We take ownership of your IT service.  By striving to reduce your costs and provide you with the most efficient and cost effective computer network, we hope to help you grow your business.  Our friendly, knowledgeable techs will be someone you will be happy to have at your business, even if the system they are working on is customer-facing.
  • Significantly Lower Service Costs – By keeping our overhead low, we are able to pass lower costs to our customers.  Our standard service rate is $70/hour which is half the rate of some of our competitors.  We provide the same quality network services as the bigger companies as most of us worked at the bigger companies at one time.
  • NO Minimum Service Charges – This is the bullet most of our customers appreciate the most.  By eliminating the industry-standard two hour minimum charge for onsite visits, we are allowing our customers to get their systems back up and running in a timely manner.  Customers have told me that they have had a system outage, then waited until another computer went down before calling their old IT support company in order to justify the minimum charge.  Some quick math:  A tech comes onsite to repair a system.  It takes 30 minutes to get things back up and running.  The bill?  One of our competitors, $120/hour x 2 hour minimum = $240.  Proper Technology Solutions, $70/hour x 1/2 hour = $35. 
  • Cost-Cutting Solutions – What would you say if we could help you eliminate some of the annual software costs your company pays?  We can replace expensive software with Open Source products that have the same features and useability without reducing functionality.  For small businesses, this can mean substantial savings over the years.

Let us find out how we can save you money by becoming your IT services provider.  Call us today at (316) 337-5628 and schedule a free onsite visit to evaluate your network.  For larger companies, we can discuss options to make your transition to a new support team e

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