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Let’s face it.  The days of magnetic tape are gone or are fast going over the horizon.  Tape backups and the procedures required are prone to human and mechanical error.  The administrator may forget to change the backup tapes nightly, or even when she does, the tapes don’t function correctly when they are needed most.

Even today’s newer backup tapes (actually just removable hard drives) are prone to both issues.  These ‘data cartridges’ are just an updating of the same old methodology.

More and more IT support professionals are moving to the next generation of backup, online backup or cloud backup.  You may have heard either term and unless you don’t watch television or listen to the radio, you’ve heard of Carbonite and Mozy, two of the pioneers of affordable online backup for consumers.

The problem with these one size fits all companies is that your IT infrastructure is unique.  Even though they come with support, you may not have the in-house technical resources to implement them or recover your files in the event of an emergency.

Proper Technology Solutions has started offering an online backup product, Proper Backup in order to be able to provide our customers with local support and implementation of their backup services.  Companies with one server can backup critical data; 25GB worth of storage capable of backing up your databases and important user files is available as low as $24.95 per month.  We will come on site or remote control your server and install the software with little intervention other than your input on what needs to be protected.

Monitoring is built in to the service.  We receive daily reports on your backup status and are able to remediate issues as they arise.

If you’re interested in learning more about online backup, call us at (316) 337-5628 or our after hours support line (316) 210-7112.  For all your IT support needs in Wichita and surrounding areas, Proper Technology can provide the expertise you need at prices your business can afford, starting at just $70 per hour with no minimum service charges.

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  2. Josh

    I’m currently using 40 GB of my 140 GB HD space. Does that mean that I would need 40 GB of space to dedicate to an online backup?

    • Kevin Peterson

      No, the online backup software will only require enough space to keep an index of the files that have been captured which is usually minimal. Depending on the types of files you need to backup, the online storage requirement might actually be significantly less than 40GB. Also, most desktop users only backup data files, so the online capacity will be even less. That way a user can backup their data only so an emergency or HDD crash will let them reinstall their OS and applications, then restore the data from the backup.

  3. Melody

    Great information above.Iam using a 200GB of space from SafeCopy backup.I picked interest on using online backup services after my area was hit by a natural disaster and this affected my computers.A friend came to my rescue and adviced me to start using online backup services.I sought for them online and tried out serveral trial versions too but alas!i can across SafeCopy backup.The fact that i can backup serveral computers on a single account makes me love it more.

    • Kevin Peterson


      Glad you are happy with your online backup service. A few of the companies out there allow you to split your backup quotas amongst several machines like this. It makes it easier to leverage the lower cost that larger quotas allow. The software we use here at Proper Technology does the same. That way our customers can purchase a quota of say 25GB. If their server is only using 15-20GB, they can additionally backup a key laptop or user as well for the same price.

  4. Dan

    The above post is a great one.Thanks for sharing information and for reminding me about backuping up my crucial.I think my data is now so secure.

  5. Maxi

    I see SafeCopy backup up here.I have hard of the backup software but i have never tried it out but i think i will give it a spin.Kevin thanks for the article.

  6. PC data may crash anytime due to virus attack, malware &
    hard disk attack. It is essential to protect the laptop with good anti-virus software and backup solution

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