Wichita IT Service – SEO Case Study Round 2

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Search Engine Optimization Case Study Part 2

We discussed SEO in-depth in the first post in this series (SEO Case Study).  Today we’ll talk about some of the major changes made and look at some of the results we’ve seen so far.

What’s in a Name?

The original website was located at www.mytripfix.com.  A great name, short and snappy for email and name recognition, but it wasn’t doing anything for helping the website stand out in the crowd.  We changed the primary website over to www.travelagentwichita.com, capturing what we guessed would be an exact Google search for a majority of users.  The original domain names are still accessible, they just forward the traffic on to the new domain name.  In a nutshell, everything is the same other than the new name on the site.  No need to change business cards or promotional material.


Content is King

Looking at the top dogs for the search terms required, we identified a big issue.  #1 in Google had over 7,000 pages in the index.  Our site – 7.  We resurrected the website’s blog and the owner is creating pages like mad.  The more content a site has that is relevant to the subject matter, the better.  If you (as Google) had to recommend a book to someone on a certain subject, you’d be more likely to recommend the book that had 7,000 pages on that subject than the 7-pager.

Use the Description

The description tag in HTML is what Google uses to give you that 0ne-liner below the name of the website.  You can have a whole paragraph, but make sure you put your knockout punches in the first line or two.  The selling point for me for using a travel agent was the fact that they don’t charge for their services (Read: FREE!).  We changed the description tag to let searchers see that right off the bat.  Even if we don’t make it to #1 right away, good news like this can steal clicks away from the top spot.


Google search for ‘travel agent wichita’

4/26/12 – Ranked #41
5/1/12 – Ranked #12
5/24/12 – Ranked #3

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