Computer Repair Wichita – Look Out When You ‘Buy Local’

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What Does ‘Buy Local’ Mean Anyway?

So I’m a Search Engine guy, you’ve probably already noticed.  I spend a lot of time looking at results to see how we (and our SEO clients) can be better found on the web.  The other day I found a competitor that I never saw in the past (I won’t name them, but drop me a line!)

Sharp website, local phone number and address for mobile Wichita computer repair.  I did a little looking around, because they had lots of reviews in Google and other places.  Here’s what I found:

  • A Google Streetmap view shows that their ‘local’ address is somehow in the intersection between a public school and a church, neither of which have that address.
  • All of the Google+ reviews are from ‘A Google User’ and don’t have names/faces attached to them.
  • Numerous ‘local’ pages from at least a dozen cities.
  • 20+ complaints on the BBB website
  • An ‘expose’-style entry on a geek blog.

The last bullet was the most interesting.  The website claimed that the modus operandi of this computer repair outfit is as follows:

  1. Setup a local phone number
  2. Wait for someone to schedule an on-site tech from the website
  3. Advertise on Craig’s List for someone to do the job
  4. Send that person out to the customer (probably unvetted)
  5. Bill the customer (Minimum $99)
  6. Send the tech a payment (or more often not, according to the expose)

I guess you could say this is buying local!  In the computer repair business, I guess we need to follow the same procedures we do in other fields:  Do some homework.

If you’re looking for small business or residential computer repair, service and support in Wichita and surrounding areas from a local provider, give us a call at (316) 337-5628 or stop by our office at 4601 E. Douglas Ave in Wichita.  You might call ahead if you want us to be in, but you can at least look through the door to see that we really live there!


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