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COMPUTER REPAIR WICHITA – Outstanding Industry Knowledge

When choosing an IT or tech service provider in Wichita, make sure to do a little research. What is the knowledge level of the staff? It’s okay to have employees that are new to the industry, but who backs them … Continue reading

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WICHITA TECH SERVICES – Finding the Right Balance

Running a small business is all about balance. After nearly ten years running Proper Technology Solutions, we know that better than others. As a business owner, sometimes you need to find that tipping point between what are best practices and … Continue reading

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Wichita IT Support – 30+ Years of Technical Experience

As we rapidly approach Proper Technology Solutions’ tenth anniversary, we’d like to point out that our roots in the IT field stretch back even further. While technology constantly evolves, the fact that our most senior engineer first started turning screws … Continue reading

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Wichita IT Support: Work from Home? No Worries

When our clients are in need, we respond. When the shutdowns occurred in March of 2020, a client with over fifty employees reached out to us. ‘We’d like to set all of our employees up to work from home.’ When … Continue reading

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IT Support Wichita – Ransomware Mitigation

Ransomware happens. Proper Technology’s Wichita IT support staff has assisted numerous companies in the area with these attacks. Each of our existing clients weathered the storm with little to no downtime and little to know data loss. As much as … Continue reading

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Wichita IT Support – What We Do

Over thirty years of IT support experience means that we can find a solution for whatever your business network needs. We have been serving Wichita’s IT support needs for ten years, making us an established choice for affordable IT solutions … Continue reading

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As simple as that. We are more than happy to work with you to come up with a suite of IT support solutions for your company in Wichita or surrounding areas with or without a contract. Some of our customers … Continue reading

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At Proper Technology Solutions, all of our technicians are practicing recommended masking and social distancing. We endeavor to provide as much of our support as possible via remote-control, eliminating the need to have a technician in person at your office. … Continue reading

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Wichita IT Support – Look For Depth of Experience

For information about our Derby Computer Repair and Virus Repair Services, visit the homepage at Proper Technology Solutions. Looking for a New IT Provider? Here are some things to look for on your journey. Depth of IT Support Experience Face it, sometimes small businesses … Continue reading

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Wichita Computer Repair – Thank You for Your Support

For information about our Derby Computer Repair and Virus Repair Services, visit the homepage at Proper Technology Solutions. Wichita IT Support Services? – We’ve Got You Covered As we start the final quarter of our third year as a Wichita computer repair and IT support firm, we’d like to … Continue reading

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