Computer Repair Wichita – Another SEO Case Study

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Search Engine Optimization Case Study – Business Expansion

In our last blog entry, I mentioned that we recently joined the Derby, KS Chamber of Commerce in order to start expanding our services into our neighbor to the South.

Two steps need to be accomplished to spread the word.  One is some community involvement, which is where the Chamber comes in.  The other is letting people know that we are out there!

Since we have a limited advertising budget, we are going to try to spread the word the best way we know how; through Search Engine Optimization.

Currently, if you run a Google search for IT service and computer repair related keywords with ‘Wichita’ added, you’re likely to find us.  Ideally, we would like to see those same solid results with ‘Derby’ instead.

Looking through Google Analytics (which tracks visits to our website), I selected some of our highest-traffic ‘Wichita’ phrases to target as our new ‘Derby’ phrases.

  1. Derby Computer Repair
  2. Computer Repair Derby
  3. Derby IT Support
  4. IT Support

As of June 26th when I first started targeting these keywords, our website didn’t show up in the top 300 results on Google for any of these phrases.  You have to start somewhere, right?

It’s been a few days, and I’ve been busy.  Here’s a few of the steps I’ve taken to help us change these abysmal results:

  1. Minor edits to the content and keywords on our main website pages.  Mostly changing ‘Wichita’ to ‘Wichita and Derby’.
  2. Wrote a blog entry about expanding into Derby.
  3. Social media posting: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter

So, five days later, where are we?

  • Derby Computer Repair – 35
  • Computer Repair Derby – 44
  • Derby IT Support – >300
  • IT Support Derby – 32

Still a long ways to go, but movement has begun.  We will post updates in the next week or two to update the status.  By the way, we can help make your business move too!  Call us and ask about SEO services.

If you’re looking for small business or residential computer repair and IT service, please contact us at (316) 337-5628.



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