Computer Repair Wichita – TIP: What are Those Function Keys?

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Tip: Laptop Function Keys

Laptops are becoming a bigger and bigger presence for both our Wichita and Derby KS computer repair customers.  The ability to carry the heart and soul of a business with you is critical in certain roles, especially to small business owners.  In most cases, one of the last things we look at is the keyboard, apart from what it takes to actually jot out a document or an email.

Let’s look at a few of the function keys on a typical laptop.  We’re talking about the blue or other-colored icons on certain keys.  They are there to make your life easier!  Let’s take a look.


Here’s a snip of the top function keys on my own laptop, for reference:

.Wichita Computer Reapair - Laptop Keys

Wichita Computer Reapair - Laptop Keys

Here’s the Scoop.  Use the Fn key in combination with these (usually to the bottom left of the keyboard) to unleash their hidden potential!

F3 – Wireless:  Pulls up a menu allowing me to disable/enable my wireless and Bluetooth radios.  Very nice when I’m trying to save battery on the road and don’t need the Internet or accessories.

F4 – Zz:  One guess.  On my laptop, this puts the machine into hibernate mode.  Slightly edges out the three clicks I have to perform to use the normal menu system.

F5 – Display:  This puts my laptop into multiple display modes, such as presenting on a projector.  Holding the Function key down after selecting F5 gives me icons on the screen representing several different monitor scenarios.

F6 – Display: When I’m working with an external monitor, this turns off the laptop display screen.  Sometimes useful for presentations where you don’t want the display to be a distraction from the overhead.

F7 – Touchpad: This turns on and off the built in pointer or touchpad on my laptop.  Sometimes when I type on the laptop keyboard, I accidentally hit the touchpad, making my cursor jump to a new and frustrating place.  This helps quite a bit.

F8 – Sound: This toggles sound/mute.  A quick and easy way to silence that automatically running.

Most laptops, including mine, have more!  Experiment with them.  If it does something unexpected, hitting it again should bring you back to normal.

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