Computer Repair Wichita – Expanding into Derby, Kansas

For information about our Wichita Computer Repair and Virus Removal Services, visit the homepage at Proper Technology Solutions.

Derby, Kansas

Though we started our business in Wichita, we have strong roots in other surrounding communities, including Derby.  Since most of our computer repair and support team lives in Derby, we decided to start building a stronger presence in our neighbor to the South.

In that vein, we recently joined the Derby Chamber of Commerce and are planning to start expanding our services to assist with the technology and computer repair needs of residential and small business customers in Derby.

Our company was founded on the thought that small business and residential customers were being under-served in our community, so our goal is to provide the same professional IT support at costs that don’t hurt the bottom line.  If you run a small business in Derby, let us discuss how we can lower your IT support costs, make your business more efficient and provide you with prompt, effective service.   We can generally provide computer repair and maintenance for the same cost or less as the big box stores, without the hassle of boxing up your computer and waiting for it to be returned.  Whether you need virus removal, simple or advanced networking configurations, or just cleaning and optimizing of your systems, we’re here to help.

For professional support and personal service, give us a call at (316) 337-5628, Proper Technology Solutions.



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