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For information about our Wichita Computer Repair Services, visit the homepage at Proper Technology Solutions.

Mark your calendars: August 1st, 2013 8am-8pm.  Bring your old laptop in for virus removal and optimization service for only $40.00.  RSVP on our Facebook events page to save $5.00. .  Full Flyer here:


Virus Removal and Optimization

Some more for the ‘yes we can do that’ file:

Generally, in under an hour, we can remove virus and malware infections, tune up and optimize your desktop or laptop!  If your machine is less than five years old, we can generally boost the performance significantly by cleaning our any virus/malware/spyware infections and removing unwanted programs and toolbars.

Lots of people tend to replace a laptop or desktop when it gets terribly slow!  If you have one sitting in the closet, in the garage or elsewhere, drop us a line.  For a low cost, we can either clean it up or reformat and reinstall your operating system (as long as you have the license key!) and have it ready to go as a nice system for a child, friend or family member.

For commercial and residential computer service in Wichita, give us a call at Proper Technology Solutions, (316) 337-5628.  Let us help you with our PROfessional support and PERsonal service.  (That’s PROPER!)



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