Computer Repair Wichita – SEO Case Study Round 3


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Search Engine Optimization Results and Overview

We’re heading into the maintenance phase of our SEO case study of our favorite travel agents in Wichita, The Travel Junkie, LLC.

For a recap of Round 1 and Round 2, click the links!

Here’s the current numbers roughly two months after starting the project (per Google):

Wichita Travel Agency: Ranked 35th on 4/25.  Ranked 5th on 6/25.
Wichita Travel Agent: Ranked 35th on 4/25.  Ranked 3rd on 6/25.
Travel Agency Wichita: Ranked 56th on 4/25.  Ranked 4th on 6/25.
Travel Agent Wichita: Ranked 41st on 4/25.  Ranked 2nd on 6/25.

In addition to the great results above, we’ve also identified some other keyword phrases we are targeting for improved rankings.  One of the hidden benefits of tracking is that our work on our first keywords can bring us up for other phrases as well, which may actually provide better results!

These top 10 results were achieved over a two month period, outranking some existing websites that have been in operation for ten years or more.  All in all, more targeted traffic is coming into the website and the reach is improving.

Proper Technology Solutions is a small business and residential computer consulting business.  We provide computer repair services in Wichita and surrounding areas, from setting up home office wireless networks to advanced multi-location VPN solutions for larger businesses.

If you’re looking for fast, efficient, on-site service (for residential, too), call us at (316) 337-5628.  All of our computer repair technicians are college-educated and hold at least one industry certification, ensuring that they have the skills needed for any project you may have.  We offer low rates at $70/hour with no minimum service charges for coming direct to your location.



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  1. Brenda


    Amazing results in just two months. I am still wondering what techniques you utilize in your SEO process. The main thing I guess is the age of the domain and ofcourse your techniques that boost the ranking. Please post some tactics that you utilize in your process.


  2. Janet youbon

    Great. Using right SEO technique someone can get a good result in short time. Thanks for your valuable service.