Wichita Computer Repair – Residential PC Service (Yes, we do that)

For more information about computer repair and support in Wichita KS, visit our homepage at Proper Technology Solutions.

Wichita Home PC Networking and Service

For the last year, Proper Technology Solutions has been focused on small-business and enterprise-level customers, building servers and networks for clients in the Wichita area.  Recently, we’ve added a new technician to the team and her primary area of expertise is residential and home PC repair and service.

In most cases, for the price you would pay to deliver your pride and joy to the local big-box store, we can provide you with a college-educated and industry certified technician, right in your home.  Whether you are looking to network multiple PCs, remove virus and/or spyware, or simply would like someone to sit down and help teach you how to accomplish certain tasks, we can help.

To see how we can assist you in all your technology needs, be they home pc repair or small business, please give us a call at (316) 337-5628.  We can shedule an onsite visit with no minimum support charges.


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