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Search Engines – The Marco…Polo of Business

We’ve talked about search engine optimization before on our blog and decided it was time for an update.  Everyone knows the game Marco-Polo and it is a great analogy for business and online search engines.  When a customer performs a search for a business, they are effectively yelling ‘Marco!’ to the world.  The question is, can they hear you when you fire back the obligatory ‘Polo!’

To start on the road to answering louder, you need to determine what your ideal customer is shouting instead of ‘Marco!’.  They might be yelling ‘Chiropractor in Wichita!’, “Car dealerships in Kansas!’ or in our case ‘IT support in Wichita!’.

Take that first keyword phrase and type it into Google (the lion’s share of searches will come from the big G.).  If you don’t see your website on the first page, you’re probably not going to be heard.

As a relatively new website, we’ve put a lot of effort into optimizing in order to answer that eventual call.  Optimization and ranking take time, but below are some of our results in a little over a year.

Wichita IT Support – 3
IT Support Wichita – 2
Computer Support Wichita – 1
Wichita Computer Support – 1
Onsite IT Support Wichita – 1
Technology Support Wichita – 2
Computer Maintenance Wichita – 5

Some of our best IT service and support customers have come from these very searches.  If we hadn’t answered their call, they would have never known we existed.

Be wary of optimization offers you receive through the email promising rapid results.  There are shortcuts to the top, but they will quickly get your website banned from the search engines if discovered.  There is no way to guarantee numbers, and the process takes time and effort, which is well rewarded in increased visibility and sales.

If you’re trying to gain more visibility for your website, give us a call at (316) 337-5628.  We can evaluate your website with no obligations and get you on the road to being the loudest site in your field shouting ‘POLO!’



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