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Solid State Drives (SSD) Improving System Performance

As a computer support professional, it’s my job to stay in touch with the latest in gadgets and gizmos.  Something I’m always looking out for is technology that won’t just add a new layer to already overburdened technophiles such as the recent takeover of tablet computers, but will actually improve the technology we’re using already.

It seems like over the years we’ve addressed all the performance bottlenecks in our workstations.  We’ve pushed the limits year after year by increasing RAM and processor performance, eventually even adding large chunks of memory and an additional processor for our video cards.  Everything has been done towards that one goal; making our computers faster.

The next bottleneck to be addressed is hard drive performance.  After all these years, the vast majority of our machines still contain a storage system that relies on a physical mechanism skittering back and forth across a metal platter, reading magnetic information.  The problem is one that we’re all aware of; hard drives fail.  Eventually, the mechanisms wear out, and as a computer support consultant, I see it all the time.  Aside from the reliability issues, other speed-related issues come up as well.  Users have started to understand the concept of fragmentation and the need to keep the drive organized.  Information Technology has improved in that regard, with Windows 7 taking the reins and managing this task automatically.  Let’s talk about the next  step.

Solid State Drives (SSD) are similar to the ubiquitous flash drives that we all seem to be carrying these days, both laymen and computer technicians alike.  Data is stored on these chips without having to rely on moving parts or mechanisms.  Think of an SSD as a giant flash drive.  The cost of these drives per GB compared to standard hard drives is still considerably high.  While a 2TB standard drive may run you around $200, you’ll get a 128GB SSD drive for about the same money.  Why bother?

Performance and reliability.  The read/write speed on SSD drives far exceed those of standard hard drives.  What does this mean for you?  As an experiment, I replaced the drive running my home operating system with a new 128GB SSD drive.  Though small, this drive only has to house Windows 7 and the IT support applications I use on a daily basis (I ended up using less than 30GB).  The system that used to boot in around a minute now boots in about 20 seconds.  While you may think this would only impress a computer consultant like myself, it doesn’t stop there.  Applications open more quickly and fluidly and the system performs better overall.

Look for Solid State Drives to start appearing as the primary drives in desktops and the only drives in laptops soon (You already see it with those tablets already mentioned).  I’ll do another post about SSD drives later with some performance numbers.

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