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Whether you are a techie-type like myself or not, you’ve probably heard the news story about the prominent file-sharing company Megaupload.  If you haven’t, here’s a quick overview.

Megaupload was effectively an external hard drive for its users.  Users had the capability to transfer large files to the cloud service and then access them from any machine with an Internet connection.  As an IT support professional in Wichita, I use this type of service all the time to allow access to large files that though not often needed, need to be on hand in case of a service emergency.

During the course of investigation, Megaupload has been shut down due to concerns over online piracy of music, applications and movies.  Though I do support the protection and enforcement of copyright and intellectual property laws, the downside of this action is that an unknown number of people who depend on this service for legitimate storage of legal files now have no access to their data and I’m concerned about the ramifications the precedent set will have on the growing concept of the cloud.

The purpose of the cloud is reliability and accessibility of data, so the takedown of Megaupload is sure to have a negative effect on adoption of the technology.  As an IT consultant, it will be hard to tell my customers that their business may eventually be impacted based on the illegal activities of the other users of the services they utilize.

I’m a big advocate of cloud services.  Unfortunately, this development will probably force me to only advocate for the big providers (i.e. Microsoft and Google), stifling competition in the marketplace.  I have a feeling that they would have had a much harder time shutting down one of these big players, even though I’m willing to bet they contain their own share of illegal uploads.

I will definitely be keeping an eye on this case as it progresses.  Though this hasn’t affected any of my Wichita IT support customers, it is still a concern.  Have you had any experience with these cloud providers?  Let us know in the comments.

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