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Honestly,  how much time do you spend wading through the slew of spam in your inbox every morning or throughout the day? As information technology consultants, we see it all the time.  For every valid email, there can be a plethora of ads for enhancement drugs, phishing attacks trying to capture your financial data and just plain garbage.

When our customers are plagued with more spam than they can handle, we usually sign them up for a spam filtering solution.  If your business has your own email address (not a hotmail or gmail-type address), we can setup a filter to become the first step on your email’s journey to your inbox.  The filter will capture so much more than your Outlook junk email box and make your life a little less cluttered.

Here’s some data from one of our customers as sort of a case study for spam filtering.

The company in question, and particularly one user, was receiving so much spam that the task of checking email was becoming a burden.  We put them on a trial of our spam filtering solution and were able to give them some sobering data:

Spam Filter Numbers by the Hour

Spam Filter Numbers by the Hour

The last column shows the total number of emails received each hour.  The red column represents the number of emails strictly blocked by the filter.  Green are the allowed emails, while orange shows the number quarantined for review as possible spam.  At 8:00pm, 1054 emails came through and only two were legitimate.  If these numbers aren’t sobering enough, let’s look at a broader, 30 day period:

30 Day Spam Numbers

30 Day Spam Numbers

The All column shows us that in a 30 day period, 410k emails came to their addresses, while only 7k were allowed through.  The daily chore of checking email has become significantly easier.

If you’re drowning in spam, give us a call at Proper Technology Solutions (316) 337-5628 and we can put a spam filtering solution in place for your business.  The only thing you’ll miss is the junk mail.

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