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Wichita IT Support Update

We’ve taken some time off the blog to focus on our core customers, but hopefully we’ll be able to get back to the tips!  Happily, we can announce that our customer base is expanding, as well as our business.  By providing top-notch IT support and customer service, our existing customers have been rewarding us with referrals, keeping us hopping.

As a networking consultant, it’s always been my belief that value is the key to success.  Computers are the lifeblood of most businesses and proper care and maintenance done in a timely manner is critical.  A customer recently experienced a disaster in the form of a server that was unrepairable as the hard drives were destroyed.  Fortunately, they had a solid online backup solution in place allowing them to restore their data.  If your company is unsure about the status and nature of its current backup plan, give us a call and don’t take the chance!  With a simple and inexpensive monthly monitoring agreement, we were able to provide online backup services and maintenance at a low cost.  Even though the maintenance wouldn’t have prevented the outage (power related), the online backup saved the day.

Our thanks goes out to all of our corporate customers as well as our existing customers under our Executive IT Support service.  Executives are finding great value in having a solid and available tech able to come onsite to keep their home equipment running properly, allowing them to remote into their corporate network to get work done at home.  We’ve had great feedback regarding the quality of service and the peace of mind knowing that a professional, on-call tech can resolve issues, even in emergencies.

Even if you have a current IT service provider, take a look at the following triggers.  If you’re unhappy in any of these areas, please give us a call!

  • My IT consultant takes too long to return my calls or emails
  • The service is great but the costs are too high
  • My IT support provider charges me a minimum of 1-2 hours for onsite service
  • I don’t trust the technician is competent or capable

Call Proper Technology Solutions at (316) 337-5628 if you’re looking for a Wichita IT Support company that can eliminate any or all of these concerns.  You’ll always be provided with quick service from a professional, college educated and industry certified computer consultant that will make you a raving fan of your IT support.



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