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Wichita IT Support Tip for August 22nd, 2011

A little computer maintenance goes a long way.  When was the last time you took your computer ‘to the shop’?  As I said at a gathering a while back, computers don’t have a check engine light.  When your check engine light comes on in the car, most drivers make a bee-line to the mechanic, to find out what is wrong with the vehicle.  Though a computer doesn’t have this light, it generally gives you some more subtle warning signs that it’s time for some periodic maintenance.

Just as we put a lot of importance on our transportation, most small business people rely on their computer to organize their daily lives and make them more efficient.  If your computer is acting oddly, or is suddenly slower, it might just be time to have it looked at.

Keep an eye out for these check engine lights on your system:

  • The computer keeps getting slower and slower
  • You receive error messages from the operating system
  • Your antivirus isn’t running or updating (look for Xs in your taskbar at the lower right)
  • Sometimes when you search for things on the Internet, you end up at sites you weren’t expecting

Your computer is probably the most valuable and important business tool that you own.  Take the time and have it looked at, and you may be able to avoid downtime or data loss.

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