Derby Computer Repair – SEO Case Study Part 2

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Derby KS – Search Engine Optimization Case Study Part 2

As we’ve discussed, we’ve decided to expand our business operations to Derby, KS and are trying to make some movement in the search engine terms, allowing customers to more easily find us.  I baselined our performance in my previous post, Computer Repair Wichita – Another SEO Case Study two weeks ago.  Before we get to the numbers, here’s a little recap of what we’ve been doing in the interim.

  1. Minor text changes in the website.  Phrases like ‘Wichita IT support’ became ‘Wichita and Derby IT support’.
  2. Header and meta tag changes
  3. Blog entries – We’ve been talking at length about the expansion in the blog.
  4. Joined the Derby Chamber of Commerce – This added a link back to our website.

In my opinion, the blogging is usually the most beneficial.  Let’s review the baseline from two weeks ago:

  • Derby Computer Repair – 35
  • Computer Repair Derby – 44
  • Derby IT Support – >300
  • IT Support Derby – 32

Keep in mind that first page results in Google (<10) are usually the only results that will drive traffic to a website.  As we started optimizing, we noticed that there was some bleed-over in the results from Derby in the UK, so we added another set of terms.  We started tracking them on the 8th, so we only have a week’s worth of records.

Here are the current results at the two-week point:

  • Derby Computer Repair – 7  (moved up 28 places)
  • Computer Repair Derby – 7  (moved up 37 places)
  • Derby IT Support – >300  (no movement)  *thoughts below
  • IT Support Derby – 35  (moved down 3 places) *thoughts below
  • Computer Repair Derby KS – 6 (moved from 9 in one week)
  • Derby KS Computer Repair – 8 (moved from 10 in one week)
  • Derby KS IT Support – 52 (moved from >300 in one week)
  • IT Support Derby KS – 31 (moved from >300 in one week)

* Two of our phrases showed no movement or backwards movement for the recorded period.  We’re hoping, as in most cases, that these are temporary fluctuations.  “IT” is a hard word to optimize, as it is normally ignored as a word.

As you can see, we’ve made some great gains in the engines!  Two of our original four terms have ranked in the top ten results and another half of the new terms (simply adding KS to the old phrases) are top ten as well.

If you’re looking for outstanding computer repair and support services in Derby, Wichita or any of the surrounding communities, give us a call at (316) 337-5628.  Our network consultants and computer technicians are trained and industry certified.  We can assist either at your home or business, or remotely through the Internet.


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