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For information about our computer repair and support in Wichita KS, visit the homepage at Proper Technology Solutions.

Computer Repair Wichita

Did you know we’re not just a business IT support company?  Not everyone knows, but we’re more than happy to do residential computer repair.  Our degreed and certified computer repair technicians and network engineers are perfect for your home computing needs, from removing virus and malware infections to setting up home networking and wireless solutions.

If your computer is running dreadfully slow and it is only two to three years old, we can probably help.  Our average home job usually lasts about an hour, even with multiple systems involved.

Give us a call today at Proper Technology Solutions, (316) 337-5628 to schedule an appointment or just have a no-obligation chat about your issues and how we can help to resolve them.

We have experience with PC, MAC, Android, iOS… just about any device you might have in your home or office.

Looking for business IT support?

Whether your needs involve a simple small office wireless network or sharing files between computers with or without a server, we have solutions for you as well.

Our combined experience spans complex Citrix implementations to multi-state VPN connectivity and everything in-between.  If you’re looking for affordable IT support for your business, look no further.  Our low rates combined with our no minimum policy helps you maintain your computer systems while still watching the bottom line.

Call today and ask about our services, including Proper Maintenance, 24/7 monitoring and maintenance for your critical systems.


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