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Wichita IT Support Gets Easier

Have you ever thought it would be nice to have a tech visit every so often and clean/optimize your desktop or laptop?  How about every day?

We are starting to roll out a new product line, Proper Maintenance, for small businesses and even home users.  Let’s talk a little about what it does and how it benefits our customers.

Proper Maintenance

The center of Proper Maintenance is a small application installed on your PC.  We normally refer to this as ‘client’ software, as it connects to our maintenance server on the backend.  This client software allows us to be in constant contact with the operating system on your machine to recognize small issues that will become big issues if not addressed.  We don’t have access to your files or data, just diagnostic information coming from Windows.  Below are some of the features available:

  • Updates – Proper Maintenance keeps your system up to date with the latest patches for Windows and popular applications such as Adobe Reader and Flash.  If updates fail to process, we’ll be notified and in turn notify you that there is an issue.  You are free to resolve on your own or call us to resolve remotely or on site.
  • Anti-Spyware/Malware – The paid version of the popular Malwarebytes anti-malware application will be installed and scheduled to scan your machine at regular intervals, helping to keep you free from popups and malicious software.
  • Anti-Virus – We install and monitor the powerful Vipre Enterprise anti-virus solution, ensuring that your protection is always up to date and a technician is notified if there are any issues.
  • Temp File Cleanup – Proper Maintenance software proactively cleans temporary files daily, keeping your machine running in optimal condition.
  • Error Notification – You will be notified of any errors listed in your Windows Error Logs that need to be remedied.  In most cases of hard drive failure, there are warning signs in these logs that can help identify a potential crash, in time for you to replace or backup your data.

Proper Maintenance is available for your desktop or laptop for only $20/month with discounts available for multiple machines. Combined with one of our online backup solutions, you can avoid potential downtime issues and ensure that your business/personal data is safe and secure.

If you want more information on Proper Maintenance, give us a call at (316) 337-5628.  We can tailor a solution to fit all of your Wichita IT support needs.


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