Computer Repair Wichita – How Long Since the Last Update

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Keep Up the Blogging

A quick look back at the blog shows me that I haven’t been practicing what I preach.  I tell my search engine optimization clients that they should blog once a week at the very least.  It’s been almost a month, but what a hectic month it has been!

We have been experiencing enormous growth in both our residential and commercial computer repair and support business.  Wichita IT support has never been better!   Now that I’ve scolded myself and tooted the Proper Tech horn a little bit, let’s get to the meat of today’s update.

Recommendations and Endorsements

If you are small-business supporter and want to do something to help out local businesses, the best thing you can do is pick up the virtual pen and dash out a recommendation online.  Google the business name.  I’m sure you’ll see at least one place to write a review for that business owner.  Here’s some ideas:

  • Angie’s List – If you have an account, this will do wonders!
  • Google Places – When you search and see a list of locations on a map, click through to find a review link.
  • Facebook – Visit the company’s page.  Don’t just ‘Like’ them, write a recommendation
  • Yelp – Another quick place to not only find a business, but to write that business a review.

There are dozens of places you can show your local businesses that you appreciate their work and share your opinion with the community.  One thing I did listen to my mother about…If you don’t have anything nice to say…but what does that mean here?

If you feel like writing anything other than a resounding recommendation, ask yourself if you’ve talked to that business about it.  Have you given them an opportunity to set things right?  By all means, if you can answer yes, give a negative review.  Otherwise, most small businesses work hard at customer service.  It’s our bread and butter.  If you’re unhappy, let them know and see what happens!

If you’re looking for IT support in Wichita and surrounding areas, either for your business or home, give us a call at Proper Technology Solutions.  We strive to live up to our motto – Professional Support – Personal Service.  We’ll work hard to make you want to jump online and sing our praises!


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