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IT Support Wichita – Right Where We Want to Be!

A Little Bit About SEO

At the end of January, 2011 we launched the Proper Technology Solutions website.  While designing the site, we kept optimization in mind.  Not only did we want to provide valuable information to our visitors, we wanted to provide valuable information to the search engines as well.

What does that mean?  The quick answer is that the search engines ‘read’ your site just like your visitors, but unlike normal visitors, they are more like scouts.  When the search engines visit, they are trying to provide their visitors with relevant results.  The purpose of visiting your site is to determine what your site is about.  Though this sounds obvious, we see far too many sites that make the reader infer what the site is about.  Problem is, search engine spiders are smart, but they don’t make inferences!

Look at this text:

I create bold looks for your rooms through different techniques I use to apply interior paint.  Specialized brush strokes and styles create unique finishes to highlight your living space.

As a person, you inferred that this person is a painter.  Search engines don’t do the best job at that simple task.  If people were searching for ‘specialized brush strokes’ or ‘interior paint’, they may find this person.  If they are searching for ‘interior painters in Wichita’, they probably won’t appear anywhere near the top.

Let’s reword:

As an interior painter in Wichita, I create bold looks for your rooms through different interior painting techniques.  Specialized brush strokes and styles create unique finishes to highlight your interior living spaces.

A lot more food for the spider, without sounding too goofy!

Leading by Example

I digressed a little bit there!  The purpose of this post is to toot our own horn a little bit about our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services.  No gimmicks, no tricks…no guarantees.  Our goal is to simply teach our customers how to feed the spiders without ongoing commitments.

When we first launched the site, we picked the phrase we thought would bring us the most qualified traffic or the most customers that could really use our services.  We settled on ‘IT support Wichita’.  Within six months, we held the number 2 spot in Google (the only engine we really care about).  Don’t knock it, the number 2 spot brought us several big customers.  I can even honestly say that the ranking for that keyword was the bedrock of our surviving our first year in business!

Within the last month or so we broke that last barrier and are showing up as number one for that search phrase.  Go look, we’ll wait….

If you’re looking to bring your business to the top of the rankings, we can help.  We can’t guarantee you a number one spot, but we can help you move.  Our first goal is always front page, above the fold (visible without scrolling down!)  We can do regular maintenance, but our most common scenario is just teaching the customer how to speak ‘search engine’.  In most cases, once we give you the push, the snowball just keeps rolling!

Call us or drop us a line.  One of our computer repair or IT support specialists can assist you with your business or residential computer needs.


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