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Search Engine Optimization

If you own your own domain name for your website and you’re the administrative contact, you’ve probably heard the term SEO before.  I receive a lot of emails claiming that the sender can bring my website to the top of the search results quickly, bringing me fame and glory and all the customers I can handle.

I’ve been in the web business long enough to know that unfortunately, there is really no ethical way to bring a website to the top of the heap in short order.  While we are all familiar with the concept of email spam, the search engines receive their own fair share of what they consider spam.  There are indeed ways to bring a site to the top of the search results quickly, but a good SEO consultant knows the dark side of those methods.  In reality, once Google realizes that your site uses those ‘spammy’ techniques, the punishment can be swift and fierce.  While your site was briefly at the top of the list, it may soon be utterly and completely gone from those same results.    The reason is this;  Google wants their search results to be relevant.  If you are searching for IT Service in Wichita, they want you to find an IT Service in Wichita.

This sounds like a simple and noble concept, and in reality, it is just that.  Fortunately, there are ways that a good SEO consultant can provide Google with not just tricks to make the site rank higher, but actually make a relevant site rank higher for a relevant search.  A good example is a site about ‘credit counseling’.  You can have a hundred in-depth articles about raising your credit score, lowering and consolidating debt and living on a budget that are actually relevant and valuable.  Unfortunately, if you never use the term ‘credit counseling’, which users are typing into Google, the search engine may not be able to make the mental leap that tells it that your site is about just that.

We’ve been working on Search Engine Optimization for years and use the techniques we’ve learned on our own website.  The goal is to be on the front page, if not number one for very specific searches.  Let’s take a brief look at our own case study, to give a few solid pointers.


What are my customers searching for? –  We did some informal surveys of our customers, as well as seeing where our competitors ranked for some of the terms we came up with.  We started focusing on ‘Wichita IT Support’, ‘Wichita Computer Support’, ‘Onsite IT Support Wichita’ and ‘IT Support Wichita’.  A good start.

Is our page relevant for these terms? – Through the main page and on this blog, we started writing relevant articles and blog entries, making sure to use the above terms where they fit into the natural flow of the text.

Does anyone care about what we’re saying? – This sounds like a silly question, but it brings up one of the most important tools of SEO.  Links.  If another site that ranks well for ‘IT Support’ puts a link on one of their pages to our article, Google treats it like an endorsement.  If Company A thinks Company B is worth mentioning, that must mean Company B is relevant to these terms.

Some Results:

We launched the properwichita site in February of 2011, just about a year ago.  Currently, here’s how we’re sitting for the terms we chose (results will shift one way or another almost daily, but never more than a few places.)


Wichita IT Support – #2
Wichita Computer Support – #1
Onsite IT Support Wichita – #1
IT Support Wichita – #3

These rankings rank well above some of our competitors who have had their sites in operation for several years.  The question is ‘does this help in acquiring new customers?’  The answer is a resounding ‘yes’.

If you’re looking for professional small business IT support in Wichita or surrounding areas, give us a call at (316) 337-5628 to discuss what we can do for you.  Let us help you enhance or stabilize your network or simply help reduce your IT service costs.  If you have a website, think about the one phrase your customers will type into Google to find you.  Type it in.  Where do you rank?  If you’re not on the front page, we can help you to get there the right way, and help



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