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Wichita IT Support Helping Small Businesses

Proper Technology Solutions, LLC is a fairly new business in town.  While that fact gives some business owners pause, an increasing number of small business are giving us a shot and are happy with our results.  A majority of our customers have been referred to us by other happy customers.  We’ve proven ourselves to be reliable, quick and skilled in all areas of Information Technology.

Even though we’re a fresh young company, businesses can be assured that we have the experience and the knowledge to resolve their issues quickly and efficiently.  The youth of our company makes us that much hungrier to provide the best customer service possible; something that our customers tell us is lacking in larger firms.  Rest assured that our youth does not mean we lack experience.  Each of our technicians holds a degree (some at the graduate level) in Information Technology and certifications from the industry showing that they know their stuff.

As a tool to build our customer service skills, I have been compiling a list over the last few months of the reasons our customers left their old Wichita IT support company.  Here’s the most common:

  • Slow Response Times – When you have an issue with your computer network, smart phone or just your laptop, time is of the essence.  Most of our customers live and die by their systems and we understand that.  How long does it take for your current computer consultant to return your call?  If we don’t catch you on the phone right away, we’re usually sure to get back to you within the hour.
  • High Price Service – How much are you paying for service?  If you’re paying $100-$125/hour, you’re probably paying too much.  While those are fair prices for high-end network design and infrastructure work, it’s way too much to have someone remove a virus from your machine.  Our rates start at $70/hour for most services, performed by a computer consultant that truly cares about your business.
  • High Minimums – Most firms charge a premium for onsite service.  The standard is a one to two hour minimum to have someone come to your location.  Proper Technology has eliminated the minimum charges.  If we’re there for 15 minutes, you’ll be billed for 15 minutes.  We want you to call when you have problems, not wait to have them resolved when you can justify paying the minimum.
  • Unecessary Costs – You may not be aware of this one.  Small business can take advantage of some open source and freeware products, saving the annual maintenance costs of certain software packages without sacrificing quality.  Unfortunately, there’s no commission on free.

If you’re unhappy with your technology support, you shouldn’t be.  You are paying too much to be unhappy.  Call us today and let us discuss how we can save you money and improve your computer network.  We know we can provide outstanding service at levels equal or better than that of the larger firms.  We know, because we’ve worked for them.

Call us today at (316) 337-56238.  We can discuss your computer repair needs over

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