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Wichita IT Support Tip for June 30th, 2011:

There are three options for shutting down your laptop when you are leaving for the day.  Are you choosing the right one?  Let’s look at the options:

  • Shutdown –  Shutdown is the option to choose for really turning off your laptop.  During the process, all open applications are closed and the computer turns off all power.  When restarting, Windows will need to be loaded completely.  If you’re not in a time crunch, this option will allow updates to install and will help keep the operating system running smoothly.
  • Sleep – Most laptops do this automatically when you shut the cover.   Sleep keeps the operating system and applications open and puts the computer in a low-power mode.  The key is, the laptop is still on and if not plugged in, the battery will drain.  If you’re planning on putting the laptop in your bag, don’t choose this option as the fans may become blocked and heat might be an issue.
  • Hibernate – This is the hybrid of the two modes above.  Hibernate saves the state of Windows and the open applications, kind of like putting in a bookmark.  Once done, the computer shuts down completely.  When restarting, Windows boots and reads those bookmarks, leaving you right back where you started.  A little slower to reboot than sleep, but a great choice if you’re leaving the office.

Normally, I only use Hibernate and Shutdown.  If I’ve got a log going on, I Hibernate the laptop before I leave the office.  If not, I’ll use Shutdown, allowing Windows to reset and start from scratch.

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