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Wichita IT Support Tip for July 14th, 2011 [google1]

So your business runs on email.  You contact leads, referrals and others to build your business and your network.  Let’s make the process of adding those connections into your contacts a little less painless and perhaps tap a goldmine you don’t realize you’re sitting on.

We all know about the contacts folder in Microsoft Outlook.  Let’s look at the list of people you know that probably should be contacts, but you’ve forgotten about them.

Step 1:  Open Outlook and go to the Contacts tab:

Outlook 2010 Contacts Tab

Outlook 2010 Contacts Tab

Step 2:  Look for your contacts folder (it should be highlighted).  It will be labelled Contacts.  This is your normal contacts folder.  The one we’re looking for is labelled Suggested Contacts.  Let’s click on it.

Outlook 2010 Suggested Contacts

Outlook 2010 Suggested Contacts

Step 3:  Go through the list of contacts on the right.  These are people you have emailed and may not have a true contact for.  Double-click the contact and add additional emails.  They will now show up in your normal contacts list.

You may find people you need to follow up with, reconnect with, or people you deal with all the time that are missing from your list. 

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