Our IT Support Philosophy

I’ve been thinking lately about what our company philosophy might be regarding IT support services and am looking to draft a mission statement.  Why?  Proper Technology Solutions has a mission, we just need to clarify and direct it.  What better way to do that than through words.

So far, I’ve penned a list of things that are important to me and our service providers; things that give our jobs meaning and things that we strive to offer our customers.

IT Support in Wichita – Our Mission

  • Provide IT support small businesses can afford – By offering lower rates than most professional service providers, our IT consultants can help businesses leverage their technology investment with less worry about the bottom line.
  • Provide Enterprise-Level Support – Though we strive to maintain low prices for service, we want to provide our customers with the confidence in our abilities that is lost as prices go down.  We want them to understand that we keep our costs low by reducing overhead, not technical ability.  Our consultants are professional, college-educated and most of all, certified as experts by major vendors including Microsoft, Cisco, Dell and others.
  • Provide measurable value in all our services – We want our customers to see results from their IT services, whether as repair or new installations.  By encouraging customers to analyze our results and compare our fees with other consulting firms, we hope to have them see what a lean, professional IT services firm can do for their business.
  • Encourage customers to have problems resolved proactively – Leveraging technology such as online backup and network monitoring, we can help customers eliminate costly downtime.  Though we strive to be onsite quickly in the event of an emergency, preventing an emergency is the most efficient method.
  • Understand our customer needs – All the technology in the world makes no difference if the end-users don’t understand how it works.  We work to educate users at all levels through training and education programs.  If they want to know how it works, we will do our best to help them understand.
  • Represent our customer businesses – Businesses want to present a professional appearance to their customers.  We want to do the same.  Professional customer-facing businesses need a technician with the same qualities.
  • Customer Service – We aim for complete customer satisfaction.  I’ve said in the past that it is hard having a job where 90% of the customers you visit are already angry or distressed.  By providing outstanding service and maintaining the knowledge of technology we can turn it around.  Our primary goal is to keep our customer businesses running and moving forward.

These are the main bullet points, and more may be added before we distill it down into a single mission statement.  Though not a true mission statement, our tagline boils it down well.

Professional Enterprise IT Support – Personal Service

Having been an IT support technician in the Wichita area for years, my goal is simply to provide better service at an affordable price.

Call Proper Technology Solutions at (316) 337-5628 to discuss your IT needs.  We can perform a free onsite evaluation.  Our goal isn’t to revolutionize your network a

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