Security Policies and Implementation Issues

So tomorrow night starts my first class for my new ‘Security Policies and Implementation Issues’ course.  It should be a fun class to teach.  I have had the pleasure of having all the students in previous classes, so I think I can tailor the material to fit their skill levels and interests.

We will be discussing based on a simplified version of the ISS Management Life Cycle:

  • Plan and Organize
  • Acquire and Implement
  • Deliver and support
  • Monitor and Evaluate

From my experience, most small businesses miss this altogether.  If there are employees, a business should have some form of security policies.  As an IT support consultant, I see many businesses that could benefit from some simple policies related to their Information Technology infrastructure.

The Acceptable Use Policy is the minimum.  You should have a guideline for your employees on how company assets are to be used.  The policy should be concrete and have restrictions that reserve assets for business driven activities and protect your company reputation from possible legal issues.

If you have an employee or two, consider putting something in place.  Call Proper today and we can discuss how your business works and how to implement the policies you need. (316) 337-5628.

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