Tip: Adding a Table of Contents in Word 2010

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Make your documents look more professional with a quick and easy automated Table of Contents in Word 2010.

Step 1: Standardize the Headings in your documents.

Standardizing Headings

Standard Headings

Look for the box above on your Ribbon Bar under Home (Default).  As a standard, Choose Title for the title of your document, then Heading 1 as your highest level of organization.  Simply highlight the text you want and click the buttons above.

Use Heading 2 for items that will appear grouped with Heading 1 for sub items.

Formatting the Headings

The section of a document above is formatted for our Table of Contents.  Let’s see how it looks by inserting a table at the beginning of the document.

Step 2: Inserting a blank page to hold the Table of Contents

Scroll to the top of your document and click the Insert tab on the Ribbon bar.  Look for the Blank Page icon and click it.

Inserting the Blank Page

Inserting the Blank Page

Click the References tab on the Ribbon bar and look for the Table of Contents Icon.

Inserting the TOC

The Table of Contents Icon

Clicking on the TOC icon gives you a selection screen.  The first option is usually fine, but try experimenting with the others.

Table of Contents Choices

Once you’ve selected your style, your TOC should be inserted:

Completed Table of Contents

Completed Table of Contents

Step 3: Update your TOC as you add content.  Right Click on the Table of Contents and select Update Field and the sub-option Update Entire Table.

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