Wichita Computer Repair – Looking for 5 Local Businesses for SEO Project

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  In short, optimizing your website for best exposure in online searches.  For small business owners, that means more traffic and more sales.

We are an IT consulting and computer repair firm based in Wichita, KS and our goal is to help local small businesses succeed through effective and affordable IT solutions.  Part of that process is through using technology to increase exposure.

Pilot SEO Project for Wichita and Derby Area Businesses

We’ve had a lot of success over the years optimizing websites for search engines.  Though our first project was our own (www.properwichita.com ranks #1 for ‘IT Support Wichita’), we also had resounding success with our initial client project for The Travel Junkie, LLC, increasing his results for the search term ‘Travel Agent Wichita’ from #53 in Google to #1 in less than three months.  The owner that bookings received as a direct result of Internet searches are through the roof.

Our SEO expert has been performing SEO personally for over 15 years and is just now starting to make plans to sell the service here in Wichita and surrounding areas.  No tricks, no deception, just honest optimization that will allow websites to achieve natural rankings and stay there, with less movement as the engines change their rankings to avoid deceptive SEO companies.

Special Offer

With that in mind, here’s the offer.  We are looking for 5 businesses in the area that want to try the service and achieve the movement we’ve experienced for a special rate.  We’re thinking of it as a 90-day challenge.  Just commit to three months at the special price of $60/month and we will do everything possible to increase your rankings.  The rub is that there are no guarantees about what position you will achieve in this time period, just that you will see movement in the 3-5 search terms that we determine are the best for your business exposure.

Our expected start date for the challenge is September 1st, and there is limited space in this pilot project, so give us a call today at (316) 210-7112.


First, you need to own your own website.  By that we mean you have to have access to the ‘back-end’ of the website, where we can make changes to the actual pages.  We also ask that you commit to following the instructions we give.  One of these is that we will likely ask you to start writing content for a blog if you don’t already have one!  Just 300-500 words a week can make a big difference.  We’ll just make sure that those words count.

If you’re looking for Enterprise-Level computer repair and maintenance in Wichita, Derby and surrounding areas in Kansas, give us a call.  We have history in IT going back practically to the dawn of personal computers and can support just about any need from simple software installation and maintenance to advanced network design and implementation.

We founded our firm on the concept that small businesses need to have professional support from a company that understands their budgetary concerns.  We’ll never try to sell you on more than you need to keep your business effective and efficient.

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