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Virus, Malware, Spyware – What?

These three terms have become so interchangeable and overlapping I won’t go into too much detail on the difference.  The thing to remember is that they are all bad, and the odds are you may have one of the three already!

Here’s links to the definitions to those so inclined:  Malware  , Spyware, Virus

Good Antivirus software will block some of these, but there is a terrible limitation on how effective they can be.  Let me explain a little bit about how most antivirus software works as a reason why.

Antivirus Software

Normal antivirus software recognizes malicious software, malware, spyware and virus programs through definitions.  Definitions are a list of symptoms, either a certain file on the machine, a certain registry entry or add-ons to browsers like Internet Explorer.  Just like a human virus, a computer virus has to be identified and studied before a cure can be developed.

Fortunately for humans, hundreds of new types of virus aren’t created every day like in the computer world.  A computer virus can be rapidly developed or modified so that it is no longer recognized by the antivirus software.  Add to this the fact that the Internet is a global community, so the virus can spread incredibly fast.

Bottom line, the ‘doctors’ just can’t keep up with the speed at which a typical virus moves and therefore you contract it before your ‘immune system’ (Antivirus software) can catch up!

Some Virus, Malware and Spyware Examples

I’m adding a few screenshots of things that are going around right now.  Just like human diseases, they can be pretty frightening, which is the virus-writer’s goal:


These can show messages purporting to be from various government agencies, accusing you of a crime and offering to ‘unlock’ your computer in exchange for a $200-$300 payment.   The FBI even has a recording about this, due to the number of calls and the number of people mailing money cards to the Bureau.

Wichita Computer Repair - FBI Virus Example

Wichita Computer Repair - FBI Virus Example

Another one:

Wichita Computer Repair - Virus Example

Wichita Computer Repair - Virus Example

The previous examples completely lock up your computer until you fulfill their demands or remove the virus.  Unfortunately, many of them restrict your ability to run the tools that will remove them.  The first victim is usually your antivirus software.  What if a human virus was smart enough to know which antibodies would come after it?

Fake Antivirus Messages

Another common scare tactic is to present you with fake antivirus messages, making you think your computer is infected (it is, but not like they tell you!)

Here’s an image of one:

Wichita Computer Repair - Fake Antivirus

Wichita Computer Repair - Fake Antivirus

Here’s how the story usually goes:

FAKE AV: You have 762 malicious files on your machine! To remove them, Scan now.
USER:  Clicks the SCAN button.
FAKE AV: Well….we can’t remove all of them with the Free version.  Do you want to buy the full version for $69.95?

When I’m performing virus removals, customers commonly ask me why people make these things.  The answer is right there.  Virus writers years ago wrote for prestige and fame.  Now money is the goal.

Infected? – Some Things to Try

There are a couple of good malware, spyware and virus removal packages available free on the Internet.  If you can get them installed and run, they may help.  Unfortunately, some of the malicious software won’t even let you get that far.

Malwarebytes  – Make sure the software definitions are up to date and run a full scan.

SuperAntiSpyware – Run a full scan and make sure to look for the ‘remove’ button when it is done.

If your own attempts at virus removal don’t work, call us at Proper Technology Solutions (316) 337-5628.  We have experience in removing virus infections, even the most tricky ones out there.

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